Rare Fallout Memorabilia for Sale

icemanxx has some cool Fallout pieces up for grabs.

Includes Vault Boy Hand Puppets, Signed Collector’s Edition Game Guides, a Signed Collector’s Edition Game, two Pip-Boy 3000s, a Signed Vault 77 Poster, as well as four large advertisements used by Bethesda to promote Fallout 3 in the Washington DC Metro Center Subway System.

These ads are my favorite, and promote Fallout 3 indirectly. Directly they are for `Vault Living`or `Sugar Bombs Cereal`, etc. These must be different from the ads that outraged some DC residents.

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Sega Saturn System Disk (Thanks M.Rubio)

2 Responses to “Rare Fallout Memorabilia for Sale”

  1. i remember that article about that ad. people just complain about anything. i guess you need to do something when youre waiting for your train to arrive..

    fairly recently, theres this ad on the subway here in nyc that says “STILL A VIRGIN?” (i guess its for a movie) and a number at the bottom is shown. nobody complained about it i think cause i guess they dont want to be labeled as a virgin.

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