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Sealed Chrono Trigger for SNES

Tonight’s seller of this ground breaking title is Digitpress. They had another one of these listed before and I think it might have ended over $1,000. I haven’t seen one of these on ebay for awhile.. The legitimately sealed ones I mean. Chrono Trigger is one of most resealed SNES games on ebay due to it’s popularity and most of all, it’s value (a legit sealed copy could go upwards of $2,000+).

$400 so far with 4 days to go.

Link to auction

Sold for $1,625.00


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  1. There was a new VGA 90 or 85+ (I can’t remember which) that had a Buy It Now price of $1899.99 for the longest time. It started out at $3,000 months ago, but it sold at the reduced price less than a week ago.

    • Tell tale sign is the box itself. If its genuinely sealed, there wouldn’t be any sort of wear INSIDE the sealed box. If there ever was any wear, the cellophane wrap should also reflect on that wear. Most of the time the fake seals have worn corners. The vertical seam in the back can be faked and it’s proven to be faked. If you’re not sure if a snes sealed game is factory sealed, just look at other listings it doesn’t have to be the same game they are almost identically sealed.

      Just make sure to ask for detailed photos like the ones you see from digitpress.

      • Cheers dude, I don’t often buy sealed stuff (I usually want to play the game and would feel very guilty about opening something sealed!) but I’ll definitely know what to look out for in future!

  2. @portnoyd
    Are you kidding me? Do you know what the guy got out of it?
    How clueless could you be to have a copy of this game laying around in that condition, but have not idea as to even thinking it might be worth something………

  3. I find games at thrift stores that are still sealed all the time. it’s very possible that someone had bought it, forgot that they had it for awhile until 10-15 years later it’s been sitting in the basement.

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