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PlayStation rarities and a special hat!

The PlayStation Museum is auctioning unique items!
1994 Blockbuster Video World Game Championship hat
SEGA Sonic store displays

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Yeah there is no way that is worth that much, none have ever sold anywhere near that even in that condition and with the controler. I really dont think he wants to sell it, my guess is hes just using it to get people to notice his other auctions.

  2. Sales have broken 4 figures before and it has been a long time since a boxed US system has come up for sale anywhere. Based on sale prices for other less desirable limited systems (Rockband Beatles 360 10k+?) it really isn’t that far fetched. My guess is that he really thinks it is worth a ton of cash to the right person. I don’t blame him as a sale isn’t likely but is possible.

  3. I can definately see a few grand for this, but 6k seems like hes really limiting his potential for a sale. It is never wise to start an auction at such a high starting price and I would at least think he would allow for some offers to test the amount of interest.

    It is certainly his right to ask that much for it; however it just doesnt make much sense in the current playstation collectors market. Maybe give it a few years and we could see this auction price as more of a reality.

  4. the guy selling this isnt really going to let it go for less. you can see that on his price. is it really worth that much? only to those who could afford and appreciate its entirety. to the collection community, no its not even close.

    the playstation museum guy is know for his obscene prices.

  5. if people have that PS, have aslo possibility to decide the price to want for it… not is you problem 😀 …now, looser community, and (PS_CollectorX) is the better, you want to become famous?

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