Youngblood PlayStation Prototype

Psmuseum continues auctioning interesting PS1 stuff, like a never seen before (by me), Christmas memory card and the unreleased Youngblood PlayStation Prototype!

Here’s a video of the game:

Other stuff:
Atari 5200 Loaner Cartridge Pac Man
Cheap DS XL promo store DVD
GameCube inflatable chair

4 Responses to “Youngblood PlayStation Prototype”

  1. I have that same red Alps pad he’s selling, picked it up at electronics boutique back in the day. The red version is rare, but they also produced a regular blue version if I’m not mistkan, which wasn’t an EB exclusive.

  2. The guy at Psmuseum is a idiot. Really is anyone going to pay the stuipid amounts of money he is asking for for any of that stuff on ebay? He’s selling one game for $500 that is available brand new for about $30. There is nothing special about the game. I think he’s just showing off what he has with no intention of selling half of it.

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