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Yoshi’s Story International Version N64

Yoshi’s Story International Version is one of the rarest carts for the N64.

Apparently, this Nintendo 64 cart was rumored to be in existence for N64 collectors, but had yet to be confirmed until the first one surfaced in collector circles in 2007. One person just vaguely remembered seeing one during the N64 heyday in Japan. Oddly, it’s U.S. release game according to the serial code (NUS-USA/CAN-1), but the text is all in Japanese.

Also, at least a couple of the carts seem to have a sticker label placed over some type other original label, but no one has peeled it back to see what it is (and I can`t blame them).

The very first one we featured sold for like $80 back in 2007, then one sold in 2008 for $125. Since then I haven`t kept track of prices except for one in 2009 which sold for $150. I can find a BIN earlier this year for $646.00 – but can`t confirm if that actually got paid for.

Either way, the BIN on this one is way overpriced, but is probably just up to solicit offers.

Auction Here


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  1. I actually do own a copy of this, and conveniently it is a bad copy where the label is slightly pulled off, the label underneath is actually the label for the Japanese copy of the game. I find that very strange since it is on a american cart.

    • MADNESS! I didn’t catch that one. Can you send me the link? I’ve seen a few sellers with minty sealed copies around the $400 – $800 range (which may be worth it to collectors interested in sealed games and money to burn). As for me, my funds are limited.

      I wasn’t able to find that demo cart though.

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