Vintage Hologram Tir Fold Mario Wallet

You know, I actually had this wallet as a kid. I re-discovered it at some point during high school and used it for a couple of years. No idea where it is now.

The really crazy thing is that people seem to want this wallet. It has on occasion, sold for $50.00 and up.

Given that, this $30.00 BIN is pretty nice if Mario wallets are your thing. (Thanks Alex!)


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Metal Gear Solid Pin
Banjo Kazooie Promo Pin
Diddy Kong Racing Pin
Spyro the Dragon Pin


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  1. I actually had that wallet as a kid, too. Recently threw it away, though. When I was little I thought I could trace the mushroom on the hologram for some stupid reason and I’ve never been able to wash it off 🙁

    Anyway, I am pretty sure I saw those wallets again recently at a Hot Topic, or maybe somebody a friend had one. I also remember seeing them on Ebay for like $5 a few years ago. That’s kind of a sudden crazy spike for a wallet.

  2. I’m not sure if the wallet was re-released again–I don’t think it could be 100% similar to the original, but a lot of the old merch from the late 80’s and early 90’s has gone up in price due to a new surge of people wanting to collect it and also people who want to be ‘retro’

  3. The wallet has always been this high, for the past (at least) 2 years. i have had no problem selling them for 35, and i sold one (which was featured last year) for 60 shipped just about. And this particular wallet was never remade or reproduced. yes, hot topic among other stores have retro type nintendo (official) wallets, but they are a cheap black leather, and contain nothing of holograms or mario 2 in game designs 🙂

  4. If anyone has this wallet and would sell it my boyfriend would love to have it. Its something that he had as a kid and really wants to replace

    • Hey, Mike. I only managed to find one at the moment. It’s going for $30 here on Ebay. Depending on the condition, you may be able to sell yours for the same or more. I would recommend hanging onto your wallet for a few more years and checking back with the market at that time. Although, I am a bit of a pack rat. So, there’s that… 🙂

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