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Sealed Stadium Events

Heres another sealed copy of Stadium Events. Currently at $2,000 – errr, I mean $22,000.

Where can I get a flux capacitor?


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    • As they say, an items “worth” isn’t just a set amount, or what anyone may think it is, but more what someone is willing to pay. It didnt get to the price it is without the demand it has. Some say some of the rare comic books out there arent “worth” thousands because its just printed paper, some say rare coins arent worth but their face value because they are just metal, and some say diamonds, gold, and other precious stones arent “worth” what they sell for because they are just rocks in the ground. Basically, they all are rare, are only acquired with a price, and that price seems to increase with an increasing collectors base.

      As for faking a copy, good luck trying to find a Near MINT stadium events that doesnt have cracking at the top lid to make it look unopened, and then faking a perfect H-seam. Its a lot harder than you think 🙂

  1. Why do people bother bidding this early in the auction? I’m not suggesting sniping at the last second, but people might save themselves some cash if they waited until the last few minutes.

  2. The biggest hoax…

    Stadium Events $20,000+

    Oh please…

    There’s no buyer. Its a trap !
    Noone will pay that kind of cash;
    unless they played the “seller” and
    the “buyer”. There’s people out there
    sitting on old-stock they’ve never destroyed. But creating a so-called
    demand for these pointless games like
    Stadium Events.

    • so what would you do if you were to find one of these? would you:

      a) throw it in the garbage knowing that its worth $22,000-$41,000
      b) trade it for a copy of assassin’s creed knowing its worth $22,000-$41,000 or
      c) sell it on ebay and make $22,000 upto $41,000 and STFU

      • @phear3d – Owning a copy of Stadium Events, I know for a fact this won’t sell
        anywhere near thousands of dollars.
        Its a publicity stunt.

        Prove me wrong…
        Reveal the buyer, his pay stub, and his
        immaculate gaming collection. If YOU can
        seriously do that – I’LL SHUT UP.

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