World of Warcraft III Wrap Party Wine Bottle

Blizzard WoW Warcraft III Employee ONLY Cabernet Sauvignon Wrap Party wine bottle
This is a SEALED Party favor given to all the employees who attended the Warcraft III wrap party back in August 2002

Gotham Games promo Holiday Plate
Gotham Games was a short-lived imprint of Take-Two Interactive, owners of Rockstar and 2K Games. The label was formed in 2002, and shut down barely a year later.

Nintendo Seal of Quality expo display
Final Fantasy VII 7 vinyl bus ad poster
I love the description of this last item:
This Advertisement was was found on select OC Transpo buses in Canada during the 1997 release of Final Fantasy VII, a true collectors item, this piece is surely one of a kind and you can be certain that anyone who didn’t have the b*lls to take one are now hitting themselves since they get scrapped afterwords!

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. About the bus vynil poster : fake

    I own one , won last year on ebay

    After all it is not surprising coming from this seller (with kefkadomains)

    For example , a Cloud vs Sephiroth Coldcast gone for 143.000 Yens on one japanese auctions site (other than Yahoo Auction / Rakuten) and just some days later , this seller is putting it on ebay for exessive price…

    I already own one of it that i kept sealed since the release in Japan (i’m seeing you to arrive with your “you’re jealous”) but i need one for display now

  2. uhh..that vinyl poster is not “fake”. He says select OC Transpo buses in Canada because bus signs like this were hanging on the top inside buses. I now cos im from ottawa and we had the same vinyl ads but in english.It was very common around that time to find many bus ads like NHL 1998, Faceoff, and Jumping Flash ads.Now they dont do that anymore.This ad must have been from quebec since it’s in french.unless you live in canada u cant own these ads.know what ur talking about pal

  3. by saying “fake” i was talking about “one of a kind” , there is definitly more pieces of this poster than only in a world

  4. oh sorry.i didnt know because all the kids were stealing these from the buses i would be strange for transit companies to make fake ads.

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