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NES VGA Graded Sealed Stadium Events

I’m traveling for the next couple days, and have already missed a few things.


Nintendo NES StAdiUM EvEnTs US NTSC VeRSiON VGA 75 NIB (As titled from the auction).

The puncuation speaks wonders. As does this gem (see bold):

This listing is for a complete, excellent+/near mint, sealed copy of the game and the only known copy to ever be sent to the Video Game Authority in Roswell, Georgia for official grading, verification and authentication. Once the game arrived safely, the professionals at VGA gently cleaned the item, verified it, graded it and sealed it in a professional quality acrylic case where it will remain for the rest of its life. Rest assured, the item you are bidding on has been verified and it has also achieved a “75” rating (silver tier). The other copies that exist today (only 2 sealed have surfaced since 1987) have never been officially verified as authentic copies!

A complete detailed grading report from the Video Game Authority explaining all flaws (oddly enough, the report says it graded an 85+!).

(Thanks nesjunkie!)


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  1. Gee.. someone bought a SE box and stuck a SMB/DH in it and resealed.. What a return on investment! VGA=Vermin-Garbage-Assessments

  2. Fuck VGA. Fuck the seller. Simple as that, reselling greedy douchebags. Hope they all rot in their acrylic coffins forever.

  3. Lol. Anyone who uses VGA is a namebrand moron. The only slightly viable angle to VGA is collectors who want certified condition, but even that is flawed as people have sent games in, had them graded, opened them up and resent them and gotten higher scores. It’s a total scam to fleece dumb people of their money.

    Where did this sealed copy come from? I mean, who’s to say that Whoot! above isn’t correct and VGA passed this one through. No one will ever open the magic shell so I guess it doesn’t matter either way.

    Finally, the seller is retarded. Yes, let’s use the speak of an 11-year old to advertise a game they have a BIN for of a half million dollars. Unprofessional at the very least.

    • portnoyd- This is the same SE that recently sold on ebay for ~20k. The hang tab on the back is an easy identifier. From those picts I don’t think anyone was questioning it was a fake seal.

      Somehow I doubt a $50 grading service adds $20k for the starting bid, or $480k for the BIN…

  4. Wow, why so much people hate VGA, they do nothing bad, this is always the seller that put a crazy price on it, not VGA, so calm down.

    • because sellers use it as a excuse to price high. if the item sells for $100, they expect to see a VGA graded copy to sell for twice or even more which makes the grading less attractive.

      a perfect example of these would be chrono trigger for the snes. the market has now been saturated with VGA graded copies asking for various prices. would you want a $3,000 VGA copy or just over $1,000 non-vga copy that you can probably later sell for closer to $3,000 in just a few short years.

  5. There are some grading services that are OK.. like for sports cards and coins.. The diff is that you SEE ALL of the item. I doubt for the price VGA charges they x-rayed or otherwise scanned the inside. I’d think it would be prudent if they weighed the box, but I bet they didn’t even bother.

  6. “Not the same one”? Who are you trying to kid? It has the identical plastic hang tab position and same corner damage as the one that sold a month ago. Nice attempt to try and cover for your “friend,” but it doesn’t counteract his douche-baggery.

  7. A quick Google search shows bad things about the VGA.

    Why does their website say VGA, but when you go to see what events they will be attending it says CGA?

    Why do they not say who they are? Why is the location of their facilities secret? So, you want me to send you an uber rare game, but yet I can’t know who you are, what you’re going to do, or where my game is going?

    I’m sure there’s more I can say, but I’m already bored reading their website.

    • The company is CGA (Collectible Grading Authority), they have several divisions: AFA (Action Figures), VGA (Video Games), CDA (Collectible Dolls), etc. Their website is pretty straight forward about that if you can actually read.

      Regardless of how you feel about their business, they receive (for the purposes of grading), thousands of $ worth of collectible stuff annually to grade, that they are financially responsible for while in their possession. That’s why they don’t want the location of their facility advertised (again, clearly explained in the 3rd FAQ if you bothered to look)…. If I actually used their services, I’d be glad that they are taking security seriously rather than offering tours to every internet idiot that asks to see the building…

  8. No one’s really commended much on this, but, and correct me if I’m wrong, I think the record for a CIB gameboy game was just set on ebay 2 days ago.

    the NIV bible wisdom tree games just fetched a staggering amount. $ 537.00

    Everyone on the front page is busy rehashing old arguments about Seal copies of Stadium events, this seems much more note worthy. Especially since the Gameboy never seems to have the same passionate following as NES.

    This is the first recorded public sale that I know of.

    • Oh yeah it was. That game is rare as fuck. Not surprising considering how rabid original GB collectors are. The GB collecting scene is in its infancy, but if you watched more CIB GB auctions, you’d realize that the passion is really already there. GB combines the insanity of INTV with the volume of NES. Frightening.

      The SE & VGA arguments are old but still classic fodder.

      Always fun to watch people defend VGA. What yuppicide is getting at is their process is a secret, so it’s easy to call them completely full of shit. And when games get regraded and they get different, higher scores, it’s reasonable to be suspect. They created their own industry and people were stupid enough to buy in. Just how it goes, I’m afraid.

  9. Also I would like to add, I dare someone to show me anything video game related that’s actually worth 500k, Short of Miamoto’s autograph which imo isn’t even worth that.

    If it wouldn’t result in my eBay account being terminated, I’d deadbeat bid him just to make him look stupid, but as a seller I know better than to do that. Damn stupid morals.

  10. i love it when actual sellers come on here and tries to defend that its not the same game. you bought a rare game, paid retail for it, you should live happy.

    flipping a game at this magnitude a week or so after purchase requires alot of balls. its better if they use their brain instead and wait a few months.

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