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Complete Super Nintendo NSTC Set (Loose)

If you`re seriously considering going after a SNES set and aren`t very far in, I really feel this auction is probally worth it. BIN is $9,999.99 OBO. While no doubt you could put together a set for cheaper, by the time you factor in tracking everything down and paying for shipping the price is pretty reasonable. Included are Donkey Kong and Starfox Competition carts too. It`s going by the DigitPress list, so no Super Copa though. However, the seller has described the condition of every single cart. Quite a job on his part, but great for knowing exactly what you`re getting.

Auction Here


Megaman Legends Kobun (Servbot) Promotional Figure
– This is a small (approximately 2”) figure of Kobun (Servbot in America) from the Rockman DASH video game series. (Megaman Legends in America). This figure was never sold, and was given away as a promotional item for Tron to Kobun (Tron and Kobun; The Misadventures of Tron Bonne in America). Thanks Ricky!

VGA Graded Demon’s Souls Deluxe Edition w/ Artbook Soundtrack – Artbook/soundtrack is on the back of the deluxe edition with a printout card with the details of the game on top of that sealed. This is the preferred version for collectors because the artbook/soundtrack doesn’t block the beautiful cover art of the deluxe edition. I’ve only seen a 2 (mine included) of these version since release date. Thanks MortalMonday!

NES Panesian Hot Slots Box with Cover Insert
– Hurray for porn covers.

Vintage 1980’s Super Mario Nintendo Wooden Storage Box – Storage Box featuring Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. Thanks Brett!

Boxed PAL Snowboard Challenge NES – Rare PAL game at $613.67 with a day to go. Released only in Spain, this one is very hard to find, even more so without looking on a localized eBay. No manual, but this is still going to fetch a very nice price.


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  1. HA! I seriously wouldn’t bid on anything that has the VGA’s label on it. They don’t grade crap. They most likely throw darts at a dartboard with prices on it.

  2. Yes, I detest the VGA grading system. It creates artificial demand and absurd prices for crap that is just not worth it. And it tends to be bought by those who just don’t know any better, which re-enforces this type of collecting ignorance.

  3. Can we all agree, ignore and stop posting comments about VGA, cause we alredy know what most of you think about it and we don’t care, thanks.

    • As it turns out, ‘most of you’ is most people in the community and those who support it are in the minority.

      So we do care and if you don’t like, go somewhere else, thanks.

      • I don’t support VGA or anyone, I’m just exhausted to read some useless and hating comments about that, there’s no fun in that. So i’ll say the same thing as you:

        ”if you don’t like, go somewhere else, thanks.”

  4. Hmm.. a “Complete set of SNES games” that’s missing games? Does anyone else see a problem with the title of this auction? 😛

  5. As for VGA, while the Stadium Events was especially noteworthy (and insane) I like to showcase how people grab a game that they can easily obtain, grade it, then assume the value is like double.

    Its insane.

    I still wish I knew how they went out obtaining their sealed knowledge.

      • Thats what most people think. I wish they did some example, or at least prvided some info on their background.

        I found this quote from a big name Sealed NES collector (Bronty).

        they have a lot of experience from doing this stuff with toys. They definitely learned on the job but they really do know their stuff now. They use microscopes and full spectrum and light and other “space shit” as moedown would say. I’ve been impressed with some of the things they’ve told me they’ve looked at in trying to decide if something is real. I’m sure they will make mistakes but at this point they are a very credible authentication check

        Legit or not, VGA dosent inst add value like every seller under the sun tries to do.

        • Hey guys, multioptipupiloptomy.

          Now that I said that big long word to you, I’m an expert on medical procedures that repair vision which require the surgeon to go in through the rectum.

          Hey look, Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography. Now I’m the master of corrective anal/optical surgery. I may throw out a few more big words and phrases and because the world leader in optical surgery.

          So who wants 20/20 vision?!

  6. they used to seek a 3rd party help (one of their frequent customers) and ask if a particular sealed item is legitimately sealed.

    if youre going to run a business and it involves games that are sealed, shouldn’t you be the expert and not someone else on the internet?

  7. btw, Demon Souls is technically a JRPG game and i don’t really think there’s any jrpg games that ever hit that price point. if anyone is considering buying this piece, please contact me i have 3 of these i’d like to sell.

    i’ll give you a non-vga copy discount of $900

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