Win A Box Of Random Crap – Sealed SNES Games & More!

So here is the deal:

First off, I have a box of random game stuff I want to get rid of. Nothing spectacular to worry about selling, but some half decent stuff say if you were to get it all together for free. A handful (5-10) of sealed SNES games, a sealed PS1 game, a couple loose SNES and GB carts, tons of paperwork and manuals for several systems, some Nintendo keychains, a few buttons, some game related cards and candy, etc. There is even a few extra things that I originally had for prizes but are leftover like a new SMB/DH Box and NWC Poster from UncleTusk. No pic at the moment, but Ill grab one when I throw it all together.

Secondly, my wife is trying to win a contest on Facebook. It is a baby photo contest and she has been spamming (and getting me to as well) everyone she knows to vote.

Do you see where this is going?

So if you want a box full of random crap and want to help me out, go here to vote.

Then comment on this post with the number vote you are.ร‚ You can vote with as many Facebook accounts as you have, and enter the contest here each time. You can vote on Facebook once a day and each time you do, you can enter here.

Every time Ive given away a random box of crap people have been pleasantly surprised, I would expect the same this time too. Also, if that isn’t enough to convince you, get this:

My kids names are Sam & Max.

Update: He is on page one, almost to top ten! Keep those votes coming. I found some more stuff to add in like a Sega Saturn Modchip and a New NES to Wii controller converter.


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  1. Hey guys were having a casting call for extra talent in my new mOvie “This ain’t Super Mario Bros xxx : A porn parody” I’ll be playing Mario and Wario, Peter north will play luigi .

  2. Guys, first off I’m notoriously bad at sending out prizes for contests, but they do get there eventually.

    Secondly, you may have noticed I haven’t posted in quite some time. Had a incident at work and been in a lot of pain and can barely walk. In fact, I just got out of the hospital today and am in a hotel while I wait to see a second doctor and start physio. This will get done, just bear with me.

    • Sorry to hear that.
      I have chronic back and leg pain after an accident over 10 years ago so I can relate.

      Hope you feel better.

  3. Steve,
    Im physically incapable of getting the prizes and have been home for a mere three days.

    This will be awarded and will be announced on the first day when it is.

      • What really happend is link went to go get the prizes packed up and realized that they where stolen by Gannon he’s currenly franticly fighting his way threw castles opening and opening wooden chests in hopes of recovering said prizes but keeps finding copy after copy of the super Mario brothers movie fight the good fight link ( on a side note for those of you that suffer from chronic back pain I suggest walking on a treadmill for at least an hour everyday when u wake up works wonders for me I have a horrible case of scoliosis and have been in a few car accidents if you can’t afford a treadmill or if you prefer you can also acquire a dog and go for long walks in warm weather I prefer that in the summer)

  4. Counted up the votes, and curtosy of the winner is: Samuel!

    Thats halarious as that`s the same name as my son. If there`s any trouble contacting him, I will draw again. Will post this on the front page tomorrow.

    Also, sorry for the delays guys!

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