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Super Mario All Stars Pre-order – Part Deux!

Lucky you, Nintendo decided to reprint the so-called “limited” edition game. Nintendo is not really known to do reprints but I guess knowing that this is Mario’s “Special” collection I guess it was only a matter of time until it sells out. is probably the best bet you’ll get but I have seen them in random GameStops here in the U.S. over the past week or so. Last year, the game was already sold out on Amazon BEFORE it even came out.

Link to product page and yes its still $30

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The Nintendo 3DS Aqua and Cosmo Black are still available for pre-order as well. I don’t think these will sell out though.


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  1. I waited in a line down the block at my local gamestop the day they announced preorders for this game and the red wii. I was #6 in line, camped out on the street was lucky enough to claim my copy. I have been watching both steadily rise in cost now.

  2. I don’t get the whole deal about Mario Allstars. Is it only limited in the U.S? Because it is common as crap over here in the U.K. Every store near me still has it on sale new for about 20 quid.

    • people usually collect the U.S. version of the game out of the 3 regions thats why its really not that long until it sells out. and with more than 10-14 million install base, 10-15,000 copies is clearly not enough to supply.

  3. What I was told is that in the US it would be one wave only. No re-issues or anything. And Since Mario had a bigger following in America and Japan, I expect it to not have been as common over here. But then again, This game was really more aimed at Mario’s original audience. Except I didn’t understand porting the SNES copy instead of building an 8bit one, but hey I can overlook that.

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