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Gameboy Pocket Gold Donkey Kong Limited Edition

I`ve been ocassionally picking up random Gameboy Bundles for a couple of years now. This is the first time I`ve seen this one though, and am having trouble finding more info on it. I think it`s an Australian exclusive, and one site I found refrences it being limited to 100 copies (although that seems extremly low to me).

Either way, it`s a sweet limited edition set that is definately rare.

Auction Here (Thanks 3rdman!)


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This seller has a lot of Korean Nintendo stuff – This include a cool pirate multicart with eight different games and then a Commodore 64 Emulator with ten more games. It has two chinease origionals on it, Pokemon Yellow and Sonic 4.
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  1. I am the guy selling the Korean items. Ebay removed the multicart I had listed, but if anyone sees this and is interested in the cartridge, you can contact me by email. My name at yahoo dot com

  2. i saw that gameboy awhile ago. i didnt think much of it then. i too thought it was too much. but then again what isn’t 🙂

    we just made the seller happy by featuring it. BONUS!

  3. Oh man the nostalgia of that Game Boy bundle. As an Aussie that remembers this i’ll fill you all in. It was sold as a bundle pack around around 1997-98 from memory and Australian swimmer, Michael Klim advertised the bundle on TV. During the time it was a very common bundle to see in the country.

  4. I have this exact Gameboy set , payed £155 for it 2 years ago ,think they made about 200, but don’t quote me on it.

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