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Sealed Stadium Events with 10% to Japan Disaster Relief

10% of the sale price of this SEALED STADIUM EVENTS for NES will support Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

Commavid Magicard Atari 2600 complete and the price is rising!
Atari 5200 and 2600 lab loaners
This might be a prototype Gorf cart for Commodore Vic 20
New pre productions PS2, PSN, Xbox 360 etc discs
Atari Game Cartridge Store Display Case Storage

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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    • Yes the one that was listed before at $500k. You can check his feedback as a buyer from Jan 31 to see he bought it for $22,800.

  1. oh boy VGA grading.

    and oh boy, use natural disaster to add a charity spin and make more than you would have without it

    • I think that if this ends at 10K, 1K will go to the Red Cross. If it ends at 5K without charity, he will get less BUT nothing will go to the Red Cross. Personally, I will not hate someone selling something using a natural disaster if a percentage will be helpful to help the ones inside the disaster. Sure, a 100% to the Red Cross would have been more helpful, but who’s ready to take something so important from the personal collection and let it go that way? No many.

  2. The fact he set a reserve says a lot. Especially since the auction was previously up with an unrealistic buy it now. If he really cared about donating, it wouldn’t be a reserve auction.With a reserve, he’s calcuated it so he HAS to get a certain amount that he was looking for. So clearly, the donation part is a lame scheme just so this way he can finally get people into giving him the money he wants.

    Donating is great and all, but that doesn’t mean this guy isn’t a dick head still.

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