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Commavid Magicard Atari 2600

So we have already mentioned this auction, but I feel it deserves a little more info for the non 2600 Collectors.

This is not a game as such, but a programming tool, one which was probably only available via mail order. The cartridge has a simple white paper ;abe; with some typed text that says MagiCard and either CommaVid or “Computer Magic”, which was CommaVid’s original name. The cartridge also came with a 100+ page manual but no box.

Only owners of this cart had the opportunity to purchase another big name 2600 rarity – Video Life.

It’s also nice to see someone sell something of this rarity with no reserve as well.

Auction Here

Other 2600 Stuff:

Magicard Suntek Repro
Out of Control – R9
CIB Track & Field – With controller. Seller also has many other raritites.
Prototype Lab Loaner Cart Kangaroo

CIB Elevator Action Repo – Only 200 were available at 2001 Classic Gaming Expo.


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  1. Wow – That’s pretty awesome. This dude is a flipper. Know for a fact that he paid ALOT of money for it from someone 🙂

  2. I commented yesterday, and for some reason it didn’t show up. He actually bought the card from me a couple of weeks ago, and paid a lot less then some people think.
    Also to correct the above story, they were available in stores and two of my friends each got theirs from a store, I was there with them. They had like 20 or 30 of them, we found that strange for a programming cartridge, don’t know how many of them actually sold, or where the rest went. Of the two I know of, my friend gave me one, and the other was sold with a bunch of other atari stuff at a garage sale a few years back for about $30 in southern CA.

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