PAX East 2011 Promos – Okamiden Plushies and Pillows

The second annual PAX East was was rencently held on March 11 to March 13, 2011. Like most conventions and events, we`re now seeing a flood of items, promos and swag from the event.

Some are:

Okami Okamiden Plush Chibiterasu Doll
Duke Nukem Forever Keychain
Plants Vs. Zombies “I’d rather be eating brainz” Sticker
Portal 2 Aperture T-Shirt
Bethesda Rage T-Shirt
Uncharted 3 T-Shirt – Pricey.
Prince of Persia iPhone 3G Case
Uncharted 3 DLC Character Skin
Duke Nukem Lanyard
Bulletstorm Nutcracker
Call of Juarez Cartel Promo Straw Hat
Star Wars: The Old Republic – Alliance Shirt
Bioshock: Infinite – “Wheelchair Dog” Shirt

Check out all the PAX Swag listed here.

The Okami Okamiden Plush have been fetching the highest prices, up to $150 – $170. They were limited to 300 pieces. A Grin Face Mask from the Brink event sold for $50 and apparently only 200 were available.


Rare Mario RPG Yoshi Plushie – I`m told this is very rare, but know very little about Plush Toys except that they are notoriously bootlegged. Check out a video on the Mario RPG Plushies here. (Thanks Derrick!)

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