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NES “Protos”, SMS Power Strike, More Charity

NES homemade pirate cartridges with eproms Elevator Action, Paperboy, Karate Kid
Atari Darth Vader 2600 Prototype ?
Early MATTEL INTELLIVISION sales marketing info
Astro Warrior/ Pit Pot SEGA Master System pre production sample
SEGA Master System SEALED POWER STRIKE – mail order only
Limited Edition ‘Art of Tomb Raider’ book signed by Toby Gard 100% charity
Phantasy Star Universe print signed by Satoshi Sakai 100% charity
Modern Warfare 2 Poster signed by the Infinity Ward team
Beatles Xbox 360 console No 4 of 50

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Those Elevator Action, Paperboy, and Karate Kid cartridges aren’t real prototypes. They are pirates. BEWARE!

  2. Its funny, the seller doesn’t list them as being actual 1st party prototypes from Acclaim, Bandai, etc. He lists them as being prototypes from Mexico.

    Apparently, you need to read the description. I like how something someone doesnt recognize, they automatically call it a pirate. ha. Find another like it to prove they arent original 🙂 They were built for a reason!

  3. Aren’t you the seller Alex? If not, it’s a funny coincidence that the two of you share the same name (and stance). . .

    These games are pirate carts. Listings like this make actual prototype collectors laugh (I know I am).

    • Actually, they were sold to me by the NA administrator dangevin as prototypes, and owned before him by bronty. Both well established people in the gaming / prototype industry, and I doubt they would doctor a pirate and try to pass them as protos 😉 Also, I never said they were made by the actual companies, and listed them as mexican prototypes, and not using any official nintendo boards. So, again, do a little more research next time.

      By the way, I was in the HOS for not logging in for 10 days. Do your research kid before calling someone out.

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