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NES Pro Play, Charity Auctions

Link has no Internet access, so I’m posting the auctions he has found too:

Sega and Nintendo store kiosks
Atari 5200 Pole Position and Rescue on Fractalus Lab Loaners
Stacking themed Russian nesting dolls from Double Fine’s latest downloadable title, Stacking, autographed by Tim Schafer (Studio Founder), Lee Petty (Project Lead), and Levi Ryken (Concept Artist) – 100% charity
Nintendo DS framed Signed by Miyamoto, Iwata and Martinet – 100% charity
Yu Suzuki signed Shenmue orchestra OST – 100% charity
Nintendo GameCube Service Disc Version 1.0 / 03
Namco Museum Promo Wind-Up Toy Set

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. BE WARNED!!! I have just had a bad experience with the seller of the Nintendo Gamecube disc nitro734! He sent a Download DS station cart in an a plain ENVELOPE and the cart was gone when arrived and the middle of the envelope was ripped open. I believe he did this himself to make it look like the cart was taken and had kept it himself. Seller had no remorse!

    • I’m sorry that does not make any sense. If he sent it through the mail, which I am assuming, why would he send a ripped envelope? The reason why I say this is because I had great communication with a seller and had went through the same experience. Comes to find out an employee at the postal service got caught for stealing mail. Now if he sent an envelop inside an envelope then I would understand. How did things turn out for you?

  2. Hello Brett, I once again apologize for your experience. As you can see, I have had many great dealings in the past and your situation is out of my control. I will not defend myself from your slander, but rather post our conversation for everyone to make their own judgement:

    I would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone that takes the time to read it. Thanks!

  3. Good job posting our conversation! Very respectable! I stand by what I say, you suck as an ebay seller! Sending a rare game in an envelope is completely retarded, and I will not back down from what I say! I still believe you ripped your crappy envelope and didn’t send it in the first place!

  4. I really don’t care what other people think about our conversation. I believe I am 100% right about this. You’re not fooling me, and I’m sure you’re not fooling anyone else. You’re a real douche bag for thinking that anyone would actually give a shit about our conversation besides us. They can see that you suck at sending items in the mail, and you proved it all yourself right here by posting our conversation! Nice try dick!

  5. Brett, I have been nothing but polite, courteous, and I have cooperated in every way that is fair. I will not say anything bad about you, so I let your words speak for themselves. I do not believe that this comments thread on gamesniped is the proper venue to have this discussion, though I will not leave myself undefended. Please stop with the insults. I have done nothing to deserve them.

    • Then have you done anything to find out what happened to the item? Besides, I agree with Brett. Who sends a rare item in an envelope? I haven’t read the conversation yet but it sounds like you haven’t done enough to find out what happened to the item since it is a rare item. I would definitely be concerned about that if I’m the seller.

    • Hey Nitro, dis-regard my last reply. I have read the conversation and I see that you had done the right thing throughout this transaction. I don’t know what this guy is trying to accomplish here but make someone’s life miserable, but any real buyer would have just taken the refund. Still I believe that there should have been more action taken on this issue. No one seemed to question the postal system about what happened to the package. I’m just assuming.

      Brett, the package got to you. Not in the way you wanted it but you should have went to the postal service to find out what happened in the process. Was the package insured? I don’t know. You’re complaining when the guy offered you a refund and you refused, demanding something he does not have. Good luck on accomplishing that one. Besides, take the refund and move on.

      Ahe Nitro, if I were you, I would look into this to make sure this guy did not receive the item and is trying to make scene over it and then finally get a refund and he ends up with both the item and refund. Some people are crooked that way. Complain about the item, wait and then say hey I’ll take the refund, in all actuality have both. Just some advice.

      • No Patrick, I did not receive the item. I can’t believe people are taking this guys side. He obviously got what he wanted! He didn’t like the price that his game sold for so he sent a ripped envelope to make it look like it was misplaced, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Then all he has to do is refund my money and everything “works out” for him. I’m a trusted powerseller on ebay, Funtime_Games, check out my feedback! I’m %100 positive with over 500 feedback as buyer and seller! Thank you very much!

        • Dude I’m not siding with anyone here. Based on the conversation you two had speaks evidence. Now I can’t say that this guy did not keep the item and sent you just an envelope (ripped). But lets say if he did keep the item, he offered the refund, why not take it back? You’re just assuming that he did keep the item and sent you a ripped envelope. You have no proof. Which in some cases sucks. But as I stated before, I’m judging you. I don’t know what happened. But if you think about it, what postal service would send a ripped envelope to you if the envelope is a standard size envelope, without having some sort of suspicion about it? Did you not look at the envelope before you left the post office or where ever you picked it up from? I’m just saying. The story doesn’t add up. Again I’m not a judge, the story is fishy a little and I think Judge Judy would be difficult person to get this issue across.

          • This was in my mailbox with all my other mail. I did not pick it up from anyone. This is why it should not have been sent in an envelope. Who knows, maybe he did send it, I can’t prove anything. All I know is I received this envelope ripped, with no game inside. USPS just cut 7500 jobs. I’ve had other items shipped to me that were very noticeably crushed and damaged that they didn’t do anything about and even brought it to my door. Luckily I had insurance for that time. I have also had a letter come that must have got jammed in their sorting machine, but they actually sent a letter of apology with that and had sent the remains in a baggy. Again, if I wanted to rip this guy off, I could have just said I never got the package in the first place since there was no tracking, but I didn’t! Again, look at my ebay feedback!

          • Ahe this is my final post on this. If the item was not insured, and the only other possible means of getting a monetary compensation for it, just get a refund. Contact the guy and say hey. We’re not getting anywhere with this. Give me a refund and lets move on. If you still have the auction or buy it now saved in your summary, you can see if the guy try to sell the same item again. But make sure if there is anything you can match up like a serial number or something he can’t change. Request a refund and let it go.

          • You’re absolutely right. I do need to move on. I’ve wasted a lot of energy on this. I do feel bad for calling the guy a douche bag, and I will apologize for that right here. Nitro/Don, I am sorry for saying you were a douche bag. That was childish on my part. To everyone else, sorry for ranting and filling up your comment bar, but it seems I had to defend myself here, and I believe I did just that. I’m ending this conversation as of now. Take what you can out of this conversation. Believe what you have to. But remember, I started this thread to help everyone, not hurt anyone.

  6. Honestly, I normally wouldn’t have, but that fact that this guy posted our personal ebay discussion to everyone on here thinking it was right is absolutely insulting and ridiculous! He’s open to absolutely everything he has coming at this point.

    • Actually, I’m glad he did post it. It showed that he did offer to refund 100% of your money or ship you a GCN Demo Disc – either one of which should have been okay… and it shows that you flatly refused, threatening all kinds of action against him (which I don’t know what you hoped to accomplish, as eBay will only require him to refund your money) and making a demand that makes no sense to any reasonable person (“Give me stuff you don’t have!”).

      On top of all of this, can you even prove, 100%, that you absolutely did not receive the cart? The fact that he offered a refund, without questioning you, shows that he’s a trusting individual. All you’ve done is thrown insults and accusations out.

      You complain that he’s posted your “personal eBay discussion” for everyone – you’re the one that went on a completely different website and started blasting him about your “personal eBay” issues. Don’t fault him for coming here and providing everyone with both sides of the story.

  7. WOW!! Dis-regard my last response to Brett. Ahe man, the guy offered a refund and apologized for the inconvenience. If you didn’t receive the item, why don’t you just get the refund? This is fishy. I don’t know.

    • I haven’t received a refund yet by the way Patrick. Please read below for more of my story if you have any interest in reading.

      • I did read your story. I don’t know what to tell you man. If he didn’t give you the refund like he said he did, then you need to contact him. I’m just going to stay out of it, but still I didn’t know he didn’t refund you the monies yet. He did say he did, so,I don’t know.

        • A refund was given March 29th, 05:33 PDT. This was after the buyer refused other options, leaving a refund as the only fair option which I pursued immediately given no alternatives. After this refund was given, the buyer opened a buyer protection case asking for a refund. The buyer has still not closed the case. Just the facts here.

  8. I believe the guy didn’t want to sell his game for the price that it sold for, so he sent a ripped envelope to make it look like he tried to “send it”! It was ripped in a very conspicuous way, and I have pictures to show it.

    I guess I have no way of proving I didn’t get it besides the fact that I have outstanding positive feedback as a buyer and a seller, plus I have the fact that this was sent in an envelope instead of something that was actually secure.

    I believe this guy is a crook, that is why I am as pissed as I am about this as I am. Believe what you want about me guys, by my intuition usually serves me right, and I know I am right about this guy.

    And yes, he tried to offer me a $10 dollar Gamecube demo instead of a refund. Im sorry this doesn’t ring any bells to anyone else, but I’m the one in this situation. If he’s not a crook, than he’s just not very smart at all!

    • Well it didn’t seem that way in the conversation. He offered the refund and you refused. My question to you would be, has anyone contacted the postal service in regarding this issue? Was there any special postal service with this item such as insured or delivery confirmation? I’m not judging you at all. It’s plain to see when you have evidence (The conversation)that clearly paints a picture of what’s going on. I’m not saying you’re a bad person; hell I don’t know you or the other guy. I just think that this case could have been handled in a more civil manner, in which the seller tried from the beginning with you. If it makes you feel better, I have experienced a similar situation where I have not received an item before. But I didn’t go bananas. I took a more civil route in finding out what had happened. Even though I didn’t get the item I got a refund.

      You having positive feedback is irrelevant to this case. This is about an item you did not receive. So I would say stop complaining and get your refund and look on ebay and see if the item is listed from another buyer. And last, if you tend to buy items which has rare value to it, it doesn’t hurt to request to have item sent a different way so that this does not happen.

  9. And Uncle Bob, why is it unreasonable to demand the item that I won in the first place and paid for?? It’s a binding contract! I didn’t want my money back, I wanted the rare item that I won in the first place. It would be different if the entire package was lost in the mail or something of that sort, I could understand and empathize with that as it would be out of the sellers control. But the fact that he sends this in a skimpy little envelope with absolutely NO protection, AND across the border, shows that he has absolutely no concern or had no thought for the items well-being and the fact that someone actually paid their hard earned money for this item if he actually did send it through the mail. When I ship anything, it’s ALWAYS well protected no matter how much it costs or what it is. It’s just a matter of customer service and good business. I still don’t think the game was even in the envelope when he sent it which is what this whole thing was about in the first place.

    • I would like to reply to this. Think about this. Why would the postal service waste it’s time receiving a ripped envelope from the seller and continue to process this envelope all the way to your residence without having any suspicions about a ripped envelope? Now you stated that he may have ripped the envelope and sent it to you. Now re-evaluate this situation. Does it make any sense? To me, no. And I believe others would agree with me as well. Your story ain’t adding up. Why don’t you guys take this to Judge Judy. Maybe she can help.

      • I’m sorry, but you’re trying to say that MY STORY ISN’T ADDING UP!! He didn’t even want to see pictures of the ripped envelope! Does it make sense to send ANYTHING VALUABLE in an ENVELOPE!?! That’s the story that doesn’t add up!

        Let me explain this one more time Pat so maybe you can understand what I think happened here.

        I won his auction for only $20. This is a $50+ item. He didn’t want to get rid of it for only $20, so he sent a ripped envelope to make it look like the game was lost during transit, and when I got the ripped envelope, he thought I would be fine with just a refund, and that I would be on my way, and he would get to keep and resell the $50 game card, but he didn’t realize that I was going to backlash and call him out on what he did. Yes, he’s being calm, that’s the only way he can make himself seem innocent. But this guy posted a personal ebay business conversation on here for the whole world to see after I called him out on his bullshit! I received the envelope exactly as stated, so it doesn’t really seem that the post office gives 2 shits about what condition a package is in unless THEY DID IT THEMSELVES(which ive actually had to deal with before). There is nothing fishy coming from my end. How can you people say it’s unreasonable for me to want the item that I won from this guy? He is “claiming” he sent it. That is all. Nobody knows this guys intentions. He had no reason to be pissed in the manuscripts he provided, because he knows exactly what happened. I HAD A REASON TO BE PISSED, THAT IS WHY I SOUND AND AM PISSED ABOUT THIS SITUATION!

    • I’m reluctant to reply, as you’ve apologized and “ended” it, but since this reply was directly to me, I feel I should respond.

      A few things: First (and I’m no expert) but $20 seems about right for the demo carts. I’ve got 1-6 and two Nintendogs Bark Mode carts and I didn’t pay more than $20 for a single one of them. If you’re looking at the “Buy it Now” prices shown, I’d like to point out that the only GCN Demo Disc on eBay right now has a BiN price of ~$70.

      Second, I call your request unreasonable because the seller simply says he does not have the item. If we’re to assume everyone’s honest (and we have no reason to assume otherwise), he doesn’t have the item, then it’s flat unreasonable to expect him to send you one. Your request is no more reasonable than someone coming up to you and demanding a three-armed golden cyborg monkey with jewel encrusted torso. If you don’t have it, you can’t give it.

      Third, again, assuming all parties are honest – look at the seller. He’s out the cartridge and/or out the money for the refund. You’re simply back where you started and out nothing. I feel for your situation, but the seller’s the one who’s actually losing out here.

      Fourth, while we, as buyers ourselves, do feel for your situation, you do have to remember, most of us have no more reason to trust you than we do the seller. Your accusations of him sending a torn envelope on purpose are no more provable than if he were to accuse you of taking the game out of the envelope and claiming it arrived damaged. The fact that the seller didn’t even question your claim that it arrived like that shows that he’s on the up-and-up. He could have fought the claim against him. He could have pointed out that you, at no point, requested or paid for insurance of any kind. All he did was offer to refund your money – no questions asked. If he was really trying to pull a scam of some sort, he could try to keep your money as well.

      Next, as for feedback – I can’t dig through your feedback from looking at the auction, but I did notice that you had several bid retractions in the past six months. Although I can’t really judge based on this, as I’ve never retracted a bid…

      Finally, as far as contacting the Post Office – from my own experience – if there was no insurance on the package, good luck getting them to care. If there was insurance on the package… good luck getting them to care, but you *might* get your money back. If I were the seller, I’d just refund the money and forget it… not worth the waste of time dealing with the Postal Service.

      • I had ended this but I will definitely retort to your comments:

        “Your accusations of him sending a torn envelope on purpose are no more provable than if he were to accuse you of taking the game out of the envelope and claiming it arrived damaged.” -Bob

        As an active contributor and visitor on this site, I came on here and posted that I had an issue with this buyer and had absolutely no clue that he was even part of this forum!! I came to warn you guys here of my bad experience, because I am an active contributor on here and wanted to give everyone a heads up before they bought the $250 Gamecube demo from this guy. I wanted to WARN people. Why would I post this on here if I had got what I wanted by getting the cart and refund money? That wouldn’t make any sense? I was very surprised to find out that this seller was a part of this forum. Really, think about that. How would this have all played out if he had not been a part of this forum and you had just heeded my warning about this sellers practice. I didn’t begin this thread to hurt this seller, I began this thread to tell of the problem I had with this seller since I saw that his EXPENSIVE item was featured in our forum.

        “Second, I call your request unreasonable because the seller simply says he does not have the item.” – Bob

        Maybe true, if he DIDN’T have it, but I believed he possibly still had it after evaluating the situation, and since the bid IS a binding contract, it DOES seem reasonable to request the item I had won, and since there are other DEMOS like this available on ebay(1 at the moment), it seems to me it is very possible for him to win that demo at whatever price necessary and have him send it to me, even though I know that wouldn’t happen. So yes, it is possible to send me the item I had won. Or send the one that he possibly kept. Either way.

        “The fact that the seller didn’t even question your claim that it arrived like that shows that he’s on the up-and-up. He could have fought the claim against him.”

        Of course he wouldn’t fight the case if he knew he had torn the envelope himself and kept the demo. That doesn’t mean he is on the up and up. As far as I’m concerned that possibly shows more guilt! Why would you not want to see the evidence I have provided by taking pictures of the ripped envelope? Didn’t seem right to me. Again, I can’t prove anything, but it was very conspicuous to me.

        “Third, again, assuming all parties are honest – look at the seller. He’s out the cartridge and/or out the money for the refund. You’re simply back where you started and out nothing. I feel for your situation, but the seller’s the one who’s actually losing out here.” – Bob

        Can you prove that he is out the cart, that he actually sent the demo? You can’t say he doesn’t have a motive to keep the cart, because money is a pretty big motive! If he realizes he could sell the cart Buy It Now for $50 and just refund my money when it arrives to my house “missing”, hes up $30! I am out the demo I won fair and square from his auction.

        This is all I am going to retort to everything on here. Again, I have spent way to much time and energy on this situation and for some reason trying to defend myself against accusations even though I started this thread to help people on this forum, not to attack me.

        • No one is attacking you or accusing you of anything at all. We’re just trying to help you get past your emotional attachment to the situation (which you’ve already said you’ve had a hard time doing) and look at the situation clearly and rationally. That is all.

          • I understand, and under the circumstances I feel I did have to defend myself to the situation, which I had not been prepared for and honestly I probably would not have posted anything in the first place if I had know that I would have to type this much for this situation. My wrists are tired.

  10. If I was really going to rip someone off(which I wouldn’t), I would have just said I didn’t receive the package. It was sent in an envelope. There was no tracking. Would it make sense for me to do it any other way if I was actually trying to rip this guy off?

    I took PICTURES as soon as I got into my house with this envelope in the form that it had arrived. I offered to send this guy the 3 pics I took of this envelope, but he didn’t even want to see them. Make sense to you guys?

    By the way, I am a contributor on gamesniped if you hadn’t known. So are you questioning Link’s judgement of me too?

  11. Yep, I concur with Pat C. Seller has been very level headed and is following correct procedures. I empathize with Brent, but sooner or later bad luck finds us all. Take a deep breath and move on. (meaning, graciously accept the refund, and try to buy the cart again).

    Besides, I have found that items found, lost, and then found again , seem doubly sweet. Hard is sometimes better than easy.


      • Dude you have every right to be upset. The Download DS Station is worth a pretty penny. I wouldn’t sell it for $20. I hope everything works out for you. Even though he refused to look at the pics still doesn’t prove he did it. It doesn’t prove that he didn’t do it either. There are some within the postal system that do steal mail. Those SOBs. That is why I request that anything of value I purchase is sent to me where them idiots can’t get into and it’s insured. Take heed the advice my friend, and I hope it doesn’t happen to you again. Out.

        • In the initial e-mail from the buyer, while he did say he took photos, he also accused me of fraud. I did not want any confrontations – I’m a passive person and apparently he has a more aggressive approach. Seeing the photos would not change the outcome – I wanted to refund the purchase price as quickly as possible and avoid further issues.

  12. You’ve got good feedback, he’s got good feedback. It’s no fun to be in your position (or his) in a case like this.

    Intuition and emotions aside, It looks like a case of bad luck. Speak your peace and take the refund.

    Why are you typing in all caps?

    • Sorry 3rd, typing in caps seems to be the only way I can express my emotions while typing on here. I wrote an apology in a reply(up above) to the seller(for calling him a douche bag) and to everyone else, but I still stand firm on what I have told you all here. Thank you. I am ending this now.

  13. I don’t believe that there is anything more that I can add to this. I have done everything in my power to make people happy. I trust the buyer’s word that the cartridge did not arrive, and offered a refund immediately to make the customer happy without any wasted time or effort. I thank everyone for their input, on both sides of the argument and I appreciate both the support and criticism.

    The buyer continues to write defenses, and I will continue to not accuse anyone. I just want to provide great customer service during this time when I am selling off my entire game collection. I hope that I have done this, in every possible way that is fair.

    I trust the buyer at his word that the cartridge did not arrive. Apparently, it is this trust and willingness to cooperate that has caused all this fuss. I won’t be as trusting in the future, lesson learned.

    Thank you. That is all I will say.

    • “I trust the buyer at his word that the cartridge did not arrive. Apparently, it is this trust and willingness to cooperate that has caused all this fuss. I won’t be as trusting in the future, lesson learned.” – Nitro

      It wasn’t trust and willingness to cooperate that got you/us in this situation Nitro, it was the fact that this was a rare item shipped in a flimsy envelope that arrived torn. That’s where this dispute came from. It had nothing to do with trusting me. I believe I have proved my point that I was not in question here. Please don’t try to make it sound like I did something negative here by saying that you won’t “trust” people again because of our situation. You’re still under fire here. Nobody has cleared anyone here of anything.

      • This is not a jury, though there are certainly judgments being made.

        My words were not meant as an insult to you. I have never accused you of anything, though other people have. You have clearly said, on numerous occasions, that you would drop this issue and move on. However, you seem unconvinced that people are on your side, and want the last word. The last word is yours.

  14. I saw that “Pro-Play” system a month or two ago, and god is it retarded. It’s just an NES and CRT TV in a giant box with joysticks wired up to it.

  15. Wow, Brett, you’re a huge jerk. Grow up. Do you have Aspergers or something? Just accept the refund and move on. Yeah, it prob. shouldn’t have been mailed out in an envelope. Leave the feedback, accept the refund, and move on.

    By the way, I’m totally, totally judging you. I’m happy the seller posted the conversation. No wonder you’re angry, you come off as a whiny jerk in it.

  16. For all of you who doubted me, I just want to update you that, yes the seller had set up a refund, but it was coming from his bank so there was a 7 or 8 day delay before funds were transferred. SELLER CANCELLED REFUND LAST MINUTE! I have left him the appropriate feedback for this situation after finding this out and escalated to a claim. I DID GIVE THE SELLER A CHANCE!!

  17. Brett, I have no idea what you are referring to. The refund has not been reversed. Unique transaction ID in my PayPal logs (#0B6575668P464611C) still show it, pending for today. I am not sure where the confusion is. Without first contacting me about your concern, you simply escalated the case you opened against me and left negative feedback. You continue to drag on this issue that no one cares about. Please let it go.

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