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NFR Galore including Zelda Twilight Princess Wii

Nicola posted the Zelda Twilight Princess for Wii last year and I can’t really recall how much the auction ended at. There’s a seller on ebay with a ton of first & third party Nintendo NFR/Demo stuff that spans from SNES to Virtual Boy to Wii which includes the Twilight Princess NFR.The best part? All started at .99 cents! I believe alot of these are unknown/unseen. Let the sniping begin!

Zelda Twilight Princess for Wii
DSiXL White Demo Video Cart (another one – I just posted one of these a few days ago)
America’s Test Kitchen DS NFR
Style Savvy
Glory of Heracles
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Rhythm Heaven
Mystery Case Files
Wario Land for Virtual Boy NFR!!!!
Mario Party DS NFR
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl NFR
Pokemon Ruby GBA NFR
Mario Pinball Land GBA NFR
Super Mario Advance GBA NFR
Metroid Fusion GBA NFR
Wario Ware Inc GBA NFR
Guitar Hero On Tour Decades DS NFR

there’s so much more.. Just checkout the rest for yourself.




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  1. Most of these (DS demos) are pretty damn uncommon. The later Download stations (that 4th also sold, but you didn’t link) didn’t work their way out like the early ones did (and really most anything past 8 is uncommon, but the higher the number the harder to get they are). I’ve never seen but one or two of America’s Test Kitchen, Glory of Heracles, Style Savvy show up on eBay before these.

    GH Decades, Mario Party, Kirby’s, Rythm Heaven and Mystery Case Files are all pretty common for these kinds of DS Demos (most of these were the last of them that were really all over the place, and thus made it out easier) and sold for pretty close to their average value.

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