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Crysis 2 Nano Edition

Another year, another round of somewhat limited and collector’s edition releases. EA is no stranger to this. It seems that every other title, other than the typical Madden and other sports games, EA is likely to release a limited edition of some sort. In the case of Crysis 2, EA announced sometime last year that they were planning on releasing such edition for fans. The Nano Edition however, were a web exclusive item. You know what that means do you?

Ever since the release of the game a few weeks ago, fans of the series are just dying to get their hands on the Nano Edition. It’s another one of those ‘you know, I could have gotten one but didn’t think much of it at the time’ moment. This particular version of the game retailed for $150 and again a web exclusive release. It seems to be following the footsteps of Dead Space Ultra Edition which I mentioned in my very first post. They sold for almost $500 in first few weeks and now it seems to be lingering around $400. Who knows how much it’ll go for in the coming months..

Completed Listings

360 – $400

360 – $370

360 – $275

There’s only a few listed at the moment, you can purchase one on Amazon but at retail though.


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