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Mario Kart K’Nex coming soon this summer

I honestly thought that the Mario Kart franchise will be picked up one of these days by Lego. I guess they didn’t see any potential in it. But luckily, K’Nex did and they’re releasing these cool lookin toys this summer (June I believe). Individual sets include a Mario, Luigi, Yoshi in kart or bike forms ranging from $10 (for the bike) to $20 (for the car) each.Each set comes package with a banana peel and you can print free track panels online.

Build Mario and his Standard Kart from Mario Kart Wii! Includes a buildable Mario figure, a banana peel item, plus a pull-back motor and K’NEX pieces to build his standard kart, exactly like in the game. Collect them all and race your friends! The package can be re-used as a ramp for even more after-building fun. For ages 6+

•   Build Mario and his Standard Kart from Mario Kart Wii
•   Pull back motorized action!
•   66 pieces, including banana peel item
•   Re-usable ramp package
•   Ages 6+

Mario and Standard Kart Building Set – $19.99

Mario and Standard Bike Set – $9.99

Luigi and Standard Kart set – $19.99

Luigi and Standard Bike set – $9.99

Yoshi and Standard Kart Building Set – $19.99


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  1. I don’t know who carried them. It might have been an exclusive to TRU for a short time or something.

    I’ve seen them available for a few months now and Mark (CVG) had reviewed a couple of them over a month ago.

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