3DS VGA – I Thought about it first-Edition

Here’s a 3DS entombed inside a plexiglass case for $500. Why? Cause he thought about it first. I guess at the time it was a good idea and since you’re really not able to play your 3DS other than old ports of games, I guess it might as well sit inside the plexiglass case and inside the original box. The seller was also nice enough to watermark the image so you know which idiot who did it.



How come nobody’s done a VGA copy of Shaq-Fu yet? “Uncirculated Shaq-Fu VGA 90+ – It never even came out of the warehouse…… edition!”. That has a nice tone to it..



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  1. I’m going to take a trip to the store and buy all the new games and consoles there and do this exact thing. I’ll also put them on eBay and charge a 35% premium. 🙁

  2. Yeah now that is pointless. I could see if it was given an ultra high score fresh from a factory sealed case. With a few minutes of hassle anyone could pick up a unit and score a 90. If anything a sale like this will increase the number of people who do just that. Thus making his 90 even less desirable with an increased number of higher scores.

    • Based on the seller being in GA where VGA supposedly is, I’m going to say that’s exactly why they did it.

    • thats why VGA fails. i would imagine that it would make sense that sealed nes zelda be graded if pictures isn’t enough to warrant it’s condition. but the price shouldn’t double or triple in value just because its graded. it’s the perfect way to con unsuspecting collector’s thinking that housing it on a plexi glass case and giving it a rating is instant gold-like status.

  3. I was the one who bought the toast with the image of Virgin Mary on it. I had it sealed in plexiglass and I plan on buying a small island with it some day and retiring.

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