Laseractive samples, Boxed Starwing Competition?

Laseractive lot of 5 sample/not for sale games
Laseractive lot of 5 sample Mega-LD games w Time Gal NIB
Nightmare Circus Unreleased Display Sega Genesis Boxart
Magnavox Odyssey 2 Power Lords Prototype
Super Nintendo Game IN BOX – STARWING COMPETITION PAL – boxed?!? – repro box?
Relisted tari Jaguar Carousel Int’l Test Console

2 Responses to “Laseractive samples, Boxed Starwing Competition?”

  1. that starwing box is 100% repro, it says “pal version” under the snes logo on the box but on the cart, manual etc there is no “pal version” written anywhere……….total giveaway

  2. That and the fact the manual is from the released game and not the special b/w version given to shops when running the competition. I know, I have one of these manuals, the front states “Starwing Challenge” on it…

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