Wii U Announced

So, the next Nintendo system will be the Wii U. It will also have a controller that looks like an iPad. Thoughts? Personally I though the name was stupid, but it’s grown on me in the past couple of hours.


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  1. I like the fact that you can use your old controllers for the wii. the touch screen controller is interesting. I hope there’s no more of those stupid friends code thingy.

  2. 3 bad things with this system are: firstly it has a stupid name, they should have called it something completely different. secondly, the system looks dull, it shouldnt look like a small or slim version of the old wii. and lastly, the graphics power is terrible considering the new sony vita can do the same or even better than this with its capabilities. i wanted innovation and what i saw was a minor upgrade, just a HD wii with a tablet controller……

  3. About the naming, I think they’re trying to recapture those folks who thought of the wii was a cool thing by naming it the same. they can easily say oh it’s the new wii, it’s better than the other one. it’s easier to buy something when you can try to relate it to something else much like what Microsoft did with the xbox and what Sony has done with the playstation. But I agree though, the wiiu certainly has a weirdness to it.

    • you know what the perfect name would have been for this new system? the “WII-DS” (seeing as your playing with 2 screens and it rhymes with the “3DS”)

      • what would really be nice is the option to play with the 3DS. ever since the GBA, nintendo has tried to make their portable playable with the home console but with very very minimal success. nintendo is sort of known not to give up on an old idea so i was a bit surprised that they didn’t announce any of that at all.

        but i guess considering the fact that the controller is probably bluetooth, it would be hard to pair it with the 3DS since it doesn’t have bluetooth.

        • I think the 3DS could do a lot of what they are trying to achieve with the Wii-U LCD controller.. Great for maps, 2nd views, etc.. Maybe not so much for putting it on the floor and swinging an imaginary golf club at though. 😛

          A bluetooth adapter could probably be cheaply produced into a 3DS card though.
          Many BT USB adapters can be found for under $5 nowadays.

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