Kid Icarus E3 AR Cards

Fans of Kid Icarus have long been waiting for another game from the series. Their prayers were answered when Nintendo announced a new Kid Icarus game was headed for their new handheld. These Augmented Reality (AR) cards are used to battle each other on the upcoming game Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. A lot of these cards have hit eBay and one recent auction ended at $100. It’s quite a while for the game to come out and you’re only able to use these cards if you have the game and a 3DS. But I guess you can’t stop hardcore fans for grabbing these 6 months before the game comes out.

It isn’t clear whether these cards are exclusive just for E3 attendees or the game comes with it in December. There’s quite a few of them on eBay right now if any of you readers are interested.



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  1. It could be something like the e-reader sample pack from E3. The codes were reprinted on other cards, but differences remained in the appearances of the cards themselves.

  2. im glad that nintendo is taking a crack at AR gaming. i remember when everyone raved about AR gaming on the iOS (iphone) platform but for some reason they’re too busy making tower defense games.

  3. I personally don’t care for the cards. I like to play most of my portable games either “on the go” on at night in my bedroom.

    Neither of those scenarios are ideal for holding a card that needs to be perfectly lit up and held an exact distance from the 3DS.

    AR Gaming is cool (as seen in Face Raiders), but no mater how much Nintendo wants to bank on Pokemon style cards I don’t don’t think it’s going to catch on here.

    If they really want to do something neat with the AR tech, let’s see some better image recognition (Think Google Goggles) and ditch the cards. I’m guessing this can’t be well implemented with the low res camera though.

  4. Also, I really, REALLY, hope those ARCards aren’t necessary to play Kid Icarus. I have been waiting for a new KI game for so long. I don’t want these cards to ruin my experience!

    Nintendo has made some strange decisions lately (like combine gyro sensors and 3D visuals). We all know the 3DS needs to be stationary. Move it a micrometer in any direction and you get completely thrown out of the 3D experience!

    • yes i completely agree with you, i find it very hard to play face raiders on the 3DS with the 3D turned on because one slight movement and the 3D effect gets messed up, i have to stand up and move around the room and thats something i dont really wanna do lol

  5. Well yeah, I see your point and it’s a logical move for a company that started it’s rots as a playing card company.

    I just don’t personally like it since it’s hard to play the way I like to play my portable games, but as long as they don’t make it unfair for the people who don’t want to use ARCards then I have no problem with it. Some things I’ve heard about Kid Icarus & ARCard play sounds like people with cards will have the advantage (IE: eCard powerups).

    It’s all very gimmicky to me. Nice to show off the system’s AR tech, but at the end of the day – who really wants to carry around a pack of playing cards with their portable system?

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