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Customized Bullet Buttons

I’m really speechless about this item. I was going to make a pun about the Winchester rifle being the gun that won the west, but I’d rather not.. Maybe someone out there can explain this better πŸ™‚

From the description:

For sale is one full set of Custom made Winchester Brass 9mm Luger bullet cases to replace A, B, X, Y Buttons + 300 WSM guide button and the two 20ga thumb sticks. Unlike our competition, no glue is required! The button’s slip into their designated slot. WeΓ‚ do INCLUDE the thumb-sticks, not just the 20 GA caps.Γ‚ These are ready to put in and need no other bits.These have been made in such a way to slot into the place where A, B, X, Y are and the guide button and is going to make your controller look one of a kind!

Unfortunately these buttons are just buttons, they do not include the actual controller so you would have to install it yourself. Upon finding this 2 days ago, I actually didn’t realize that there a whole bunch of them listed on eBay. Check it out.

Link to auction (1 day to go)


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  1. yeah for some reason MW fans apparently really want bullet buttons, would probably be worth buying the button set given how much the refitted controllers can fetch. Throw in the buttons, paint some really crappy gun paintings on, CUSTOM MW3 CONTROLLER, $$$$$

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