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Nintendo Wii Announcement Press Kit

I was hoping this would pop up during E3 last week. But better late than never I guess.

The Wii was unveiled to the world on E3 of 2005. After almost 10 years of of being number 2 or 3 in the console world, Nintendo was ready to bring out their most innovative system that would later dominate the industry by storm. It was a Revolution indeed. This E3 Announcement Kit is probably one of the very few that have surfaced on eBay over the years. I don’t even recall seeing one before. Nintendo is known for not really making too many or too elaborate press kits. They know their core audience and words and press releases are enough to entice people to buy their stuff.

There’s really not much detail in the description about the kit. But the seller did say that it included a few stapled press releases packets and it is mainly to reveal the new console, Revolution (Wii)”. And that “It also contains some information [about the] GameCube, NDS, etc.” The Media disc contains tons of reading material including “high quality artwork of Zelda.”

Link to auction

See the pictures.. This is probably going to be a nice auction to watch..


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  1. This is the E3 press kit that also contained the Zelda Twilight Princess video on the DS card. So either he sold it off separately in the past, or he obtained the press kit sans card. I know, I’ve got this press kit myself and it’s complete; his isn’t even just missing the DS card, it’s also missing the thick game promo book and the Miyomoto signed DS decals.

    Quite a few of these sold post E3 2005, I recall I paid about $80 for mine. Haven’t seen one in ages mind you, just the Zelda DS movie cards.

  2. Wow, first time I’ve ever seen anything I have pop up on this site!

    I seriously have 3 or 4 of these things, plus the Twilight DS video cards, but I figured they were as worthless as everything else in my old E3 promo materials box.

    Guess not, thanks GameSniped!

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