PSA: Club Nintendo Year End is on June 30th (North America)

It’s almost that time of the year when Nintendo(in North America) reveals the Platinum and Gold prize for the faithful fans like you and I. Maybe it’s another figurine perhaps? Maybe a Luigi hat this time around? The best clue is to find out what they gave away to Japanese gamers for the past few years. Maybe this one posted on I certainly hope it’s not the handkerchief. Nintendo is known to recycle prizes. They even do it with games.

If you don’t have have enough points to become a platinum or gold member, you can always buy some cheap 1st party games. Or buy some codes on ebay. I wouldn’t actually prefer to buy codes because you don’t get any games with it – just a code. Either way, you only have 10 days left!

What do you think it’ll be this year?


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  1. Just put in my points this year. Pushed through to 1200 for the G&W Ball. That makes 3420 pts put in, not even counting all the points wasted for all the codes we entered pre-Club Nintendo. And for all of that, no Wii Party prize box or offer to buy the Wiimote-less Wii Play Motion. Thanks for nothing, Nintendo.

  2. So do we lose all the coins we’ve built up at the end of the month? if so why the hell have I even bothered registering my 3ds/zelda/etc etc since theres no way I’ll reach any gold/platinum status by then

    • No, your coins take two years to expire (something like that). However the period where they count for elite status is only yearly.

      • that still kinda sucks, so the coins I’ve put in since my 3ds purchase won’t count towards my elite status for the next year end of this month? lame

        • yeah its like you have to buy new games to enter to become platinum again. if you dont use those codes you entered 2 years ago, they will expire on you which sucks because how often do you really buy 1st party games?

          the best way to take advantage and to get as many points as possible is to check the site each week to see if you can get 10 extra coins for “pre-purchases”. if you’re really going to purchase the game, you’ll get the 10 extra coin. they now only give you at least until a few days or upto a week before the pre-buy 10 extra coins expire. they used to give you 2 years for that.

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