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Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Promo DVD and a Press Kit

Duke Nukem Forever was first announced in April of 1997. That was 14 years ago.. 3D Realms announced in 2001 that the game would be coming out ‘when it’s done’. Great. According to the seller of this dvd, this “promotional trailer DVD handed out at E3 2001 in the Gathering of Developers lot for Duke Nukem Forever.” That was 10 years ago. The game finally comes out 10 years and receives a mediocre review by game critics. I feel bad for the guy who pre-ordered this game years ago and now then picking this up.

The DVD is still brand new and un-opened. You can see the cover graphic is completely different from what they ended up using for the final product. Duke Nukem games goes for some pretty good amount. I remember a few years ago someone sold a big box copy of the original still sealed for over $400.

Link to auction, 1 day and 20 hours left ($92 at the moment)

Also related, Duke Nukem Forever Press Kit from a UK seller. When was the last time you saw a promotional video game related underwear? 🙂

The bundle includes:

– PS3 promo disk (full game, UK PAL) in flat plastic case, with inlay card.
– Duke Nukem Forever White T-Shirt MEDIUM (In unsealed polythene – I took it out to show how it looks in the picture).
– Duke Nukem Forever Red T-Shirt X-LARGE (In sealed polythene)
– Grey Duke Nukem branded underpants/trunks (In sealed polythene).
– 12 page A Celebration Of Duke Nukem Forever A4 colour magazine, including franchise history, developer interview and features.
– 2 ‘Duke Nukem says ‘I’M HOT!’ badges.
– 2K Games metal key-ring (In sealed polythene).
– 1 can of Duke Nukem Forever branded KICK energy drink (this depends on if I can send it internationally).
– All items contained within a 2K Games branded brown paper carry bag.


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  1. Last time I saw videogame themed underwear was the special heart boxers that were promo items for Maximo. Been done before, will get done again.

  2. Anyone reading this should know Duke Nukem Forever SUCKS. I have the “Balls of Steel Edition” for $80. I feel kind of ripped off.

    The game is very dated. It’s like it was made back in the 90’s. The levels are linear, meaning you can only go certain places.. it’s not an open world.

    Controls aren’t that great.. for example driving the remote control car. Graphics aren’t that great either. For example in the beginning of the game you get a blowjob from the “Holsom Twins”. When they walk away it looks all robotic. They turn like a military drill sargeant.

  3. Buy balls of steel edition

    Everyone says game sucks so not many people buy-in for balls of steel

    Franchise revives itself a few years later, sell balls of steel for profit

  4. Duke nukem forever is another example of a big budget franchise gone wrong. This is how studios go bankrupt. and unfortunately, this game is a prime example of why publishers always like to keep themselves safe by releasing the same shit each year.

    for them this could still be a hit since they did so much marketing for this game.

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