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Sealed NES Bubble Bobble 2

This seller apparently has some old video game store inventory for sale. In most cases, that would probally indicate some massively stickered or even etched carts along with some sun faded boxes. Not this guy. Among other games he has a:

Sealed NES Bubble Bobble Part 2 – Currently at $2.750.00.
Sealed NES Little Smason – Currently at $1,176.99.
Dragon Warrio IV – Currently at $710.00.

A lot of the other games are very nice semi rares.


Virtual Bowling for Nintendo Virtual Boy – One of the VB Holy Grails.
Sylvania/GTE Intellivision console with box – Very cool console vaniant. It’s a Sylvania branded Intellivision console that was given away with the purchase of higher end GTE TV’s back in the early 80’s. The back of the back has a very detailed description of the never released computer adapter.
Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition – This is one of those items, that while rare and expensive, ALWAYS seems to be for sale.
Vectrex 3D Crazy Coaster – Looks pristine compared to most Vectrex stuff I see. Released in 1983, the game has you controlling the movements of a passenger in the lead car of a roller coaster as it plummets down steeps hills and careers around sharp curves. One goal of the game was to keep the passenger’s arms raised throughout the ride without being flung out.
Playstation Debugging Station DTL-H1000 – Blue Japanese Test Unit.


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  1. I like that the virtual bowling has the Duke bust in the picture, I wonder if those sets will wind up blowing up in value considering how poorly received the game has been

      • seems the seller didn’t really know what he had from reading beaglepuss’ early posts and let them go really cheap

        • edit: beaglepuss had to counteroffer against someone driving from virginia apparently, tho still hasn’t disclosed his total offer. I’m sure the seller still got royally screwed on what he could have gotten.

          look forward to the chuck yeager release, I hope Link / Nicola will highlight it when it is available

      • You’re clearly from NA, who gives a shit who you are. Just use your own fucking handle for christ’s sake.

        • Your upset that someone traded one fake name for another? Seems kind of foolish. Even Link has a different moniker on the message boards.

          I didn’t do it to piss anyone off, but seeing the way you handle yourself here on gamesniped Jake, I’m happy to maintain at least a small bit of anonymity.

          • The difference between your other handle and Link’s two handles is you specifically don’t want people to know who you are. Why bother? As it is, your comments aren’t exactly inflammatory, controversial or of the sort that one would want to say them and be able to distance them from them.

            Again, why bother?

  2. Dead Space LE makes me yawn. ITS ALWAYS FOR SALE!

    Anyways, I never realized Mark got his games already. Glad the side deal worked out for them.

    Best part of that thread actually is the fact he announced: CIB run of Chuck Yeager COMING SOON!

    • dead space is easy money, so the value will never really go up as it is.

      its kind of like chrono trigger for the snes (sealed). you keep seeing the same sellers over and over, then if it sells out, they try to resell it for an obscene amount. nowadays, they just chow down the almighty VGA and hope they can get the same amount it use to sell before. not gonna happen.

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