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Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak…SEALED!

 Now here is an item that may not be seen again for quite some time! Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak is the second hardest to find licensed Nintendo game behind the ever elusive Stadium Events. While Stadium Events is so hard to find because it was supposedly recalled after Nintendo bought the rights to the Family Fun Fitness Pad (redesigned by them as the Power Pad), Flintstones: SaDP is rare due the the fact that it was supposedly released as a video game rental exclusive. This means that the only places legitimately able to obtain a copy were franchises like BlockBuster Video and presumably local mom-and-pop rentals (though many think that these were a BlockBuster only rental–there’s no evidence to prove or disprove this as far as I am aware).Â
    Loose copies sell on average between $175 and $225…add in the box and manual (the manual is actually the hardest of the three to find) and you are looking at quite a nice sum of money as far as video game collecting is concerned. Find a sealed copy? Now you’re looking at a whole new ballgame!Â
    While the $50,000 BIN price is enough to make even the most seasoned collector shake in their boots, there is still hope in the form of a Best Offer option. I know for a fact the sellers of this have little to no intention of that BIN being clicked, but if you were in the possession of an item such as this, what would you put? This is the second or third copy to be confirmed as a legitimate sealed copy, so for those looking to someday complete a sealed Nintendo Collection, this may be your only chance to snap up a monster. This game was originally bought for the specific purpose to be opened and placed on a rental shelf. Act now before it is gone for good!

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  1. Supposedly released as a rental store exclusive. It’s not fact. You don’t have evidence proving that and it’s just very old hearsay.

    • You’re right, so I edited it. That’s part of the let down of many of these items, it can’t be proven or disproved. I think with this, even if a memo or contract from Nintendo was found to support the fact that this game was only available for purchase to rental stores there will still be people doubting it or saying it could have been sold other ways. All you can do is to look at some of the things we do know: it’s a harder to find title compared to other games that were released towards the end of the NES’ lifespan, the instructions are noticeably the hardest to find part of the CIB, a large number of boxes have sun fading on the front and two (on this very day) can be proven to exist sealed in .

      • Yeah, that’s what sucks about NES collecting. We really just don’t know in a lot of cases and an extremely small handful have an inside track (DreamTR, Bieniek, etc) and even they can’t find the right person to confirm or deny due to many reasons. Add in the barrel of urban legend and hearsay that was generated 10 or so years ago and it’s tough to separate fact from fiction.

        A sales brochure for the game would seal the deal, however if one exists and still exists is a mystery.

        Even the Nolans didn’t even ask for the rental exclusive. VGA just put it there without asking. Unless VGA knows something we don’t, which is unlikely, they assume it’s fact and have nothing to back up that claim.

        Concerning F2, it is still very rare (even if seems to trade hands on eBay frequently loose) and a sealed one is extraordinarily hard to find. Someone will pony up $10k-$20k for this. It will likely outgrow SE sealed in value.

    • Well, according to the label, the VGA has it listed as a rental exclusive. Since they are essentially the CGC of video games, I tend to trust their ability to research this sort of thing.

      • They didn’t research it. They googled it like everyone else and assumed it’s law. I’d put good money on VGA having no proof whatsoever to this claim other than anecdotal.

  2. It’s to bad the guy selling it is a total prick and one of the biggest a-holes in the gaming community.

  3. Yeah, he releases prototypes for free and plans to get most that he and his brother have out during this summer. What an A-hole! -_-

  4. Isn’t this the cart Mark and bro got from some guy who had no idea what he owned and gave everything away for pretty cheap? Shady fucks

    • That “some guy” got plenty of huge offers to know it was worth something and made many thousands of dollars. Not like it was found for $1.

  5. Even if it was bought for 1.00 your telling me if you offered someone 1.00 for that game and they took it you wouldn’t? That doesn’t make them shady it makes the quick and smart. Your just sad you didn’t get it. I don’t know mark and his brother personally but what I do know of them is that there great guys.

  6. They are not great guys they are arrogant pricks and very shady there known for backdooring people on eBay over sales. I will say this again they are truly a-holes.

    • Well, for what it’s worth, for every person that thinks they’re rotten, I’d bet 3 or 4 think they’re just savvy traders/ collectors. In all the times I’ve corresponded with them, the bro’s have been professional, and pleasant to deal with.

      So stop the childish name calling.

      • There’s nothing savvy about circumventing ebay’s auction rules. There are not 3 to 4 cheaters for every honest buyer, if that’s what you 3rdman is implying. The reaction on other forums proves that point.

        In this case it isn’t entirely clear just what the dealmaking involved. The seller did not get ripped off, as he took in well over 10k in a week, and probably spent nowhere near that to acquire the games. He could have made more if he had done any real searching for market value before agreeing to the deal. That’s not the buyers’ fault, at least in this day and age and with the internet savvy that most people should have.

        The guys might be nice, professional, etc., but their arguments justifying backdoor buying are selfish by their very nature. In the end, they are going to make a big profit as a middleman, and did nothing to benefit collectors as a whole. That’s the real issue to many of us who see game collecting as a hobby for honest, fun people.

        It is America, so give them credit for taking the initiative, but don’t make them out to be saints that they ain’t, in my opinion.

        • Circumventing ebay’s auction rules is rather shady, but it requires the seller’s cooperation, in each case. If the seller voluntarily withdraws an item, so be it. It sucks, but in general (in this country, anyway) money talks. And while game collecting is a hobby for some and a business for others, we are dealing with a commodity, so it’s impossible to remove money from the discussion.
          Original seller makes a fair profit, these guys make their cut (perhaps for their moxy??) and the game eventually ends up in the hands of a collector (or non-cash poor hobbyist, if you will), and in the end, the item’s actual value is determined.

          Envy aside, no one here (who understands how our economy works) should have a big problem with this.

  7. These guys have nothing to do with collecting. They are cancer of collecting. Hunting for backdoor deals just to flip for a small profit. Fuck this. This is one af a kind game. I better original seller cut off his penis when he saw it listed for 50k so fast

    • This coming from a guy that has a sealed Chrono Trigger currently on eBay for $2,000 and has been trying to sell sealed SMS commons on DP and eBay since 2008 lol

      You’re just sour that they’re doing exactly what you’ve been doing for years, but having more success with it.

      It looks to me like the only people to take exception to the eBay listing are people that have been banned by either NA or DP. A bunch of crybabies.

      Why would anyone care if they made $1 or $1,000,000? So they bought a sealed game on an eBay side deal and they’re flipping for a profit? Is it an admirable thing to do? Fuck no! Does it effect collecting or have any bearing on your day? Fuck no! The ethics police need to get down from their high horses and take a break. As narcissistic as the brothers can be, they have indeed done a ton for the community through their rom releases. I can’t think of any private prototype collector that has done more for the community for less.

    • I don’t speak JIVE, so learn to fucking type correctly, or sell you’re FUCKING keyboard you Jive Ass Turkey!

  8. I know they collect nes games but thats about it, they buy up prototypes like crazy then turn around and make repros out of them and sell them at $60 bucks a pop they are very rude and arrogant and I agree with the other guys that say shady. For anyone that says they are great guys yea I’m sure there great if you’re buying there product at there price. They post on nintendo all the time and just go look at there feedback all they do is sell. They are In the retro game world for the reselling not collecting Hence spending 10k on a game to Immediately resale it. Seriously of all the people In the gaming world to make a find like this it’s sad it had to be these two. It’s guys like this that hurt the scene.

  9. My problem with them is they are not collectors there in it for the money. And people keep talking about how much they have done for the community? Like what buying a proto taking a bunch of 10 cent genny games wiping the games flashing a proto on it priding out some labels then selling it for 60 dollars a game? They are not doing anything for the gaming community but making money off them.


    Go read all there posts and tell me they aren’t a bunch of arrogant pricks. I know quite a few people that were long time members there that quit posting and big reason was because of them. I guess they are buddy’s with the web creator and they basically treat people any way they want and get away with it. And they are known for being backdoor boys. Almost everyone I’ve talked to in the gaming community can’t stand them. They have a few buddies here and there but not to many people like them because of what they do and the fact there not really collectors.

  11. They are still collectors, but the problem is collecting in sealed (or in this case, trading in sealed) distances them from the hybrid mentality accepted by most collectors of “I can collect and I can play it too”. It harks back to the comic book days of the 90s where people would buy two comics – one to read and one to seal in a case and store away. It’s actually easier to do this now with games as you can buy a sealed game and load the ROM onto a Powerpak, Everdrive, etc and be able to do that. However, advertising yourself as a sealed collector, you throw off the natural accepted balance.

    In defense of the Nolan’s, they do collect, they do play. If you’re involved in the overall collecting community, you know they have made strides to give back to the community with prototype releases and ROM links to what they have purchased. Hell, this is the first time I’ve ever seen them get involved with sealed titles but of course, I stray far away from their normal stomping grounds so I wouldn’t truly know. As far as releases, while their prices do seem high, it’s unfair not to consider the time involved preparing the titles – getting donors, cleaning donors, burning and seating ROMs, printing labels, putting the package together. Time is money and they put their time in. Not to mention, unless I’m mistaking, they didn’t even sell them all and if they did, it wasn’t an instantenous sellout.

    On the other side, against the Nolan’s, while we’ve all done side deals (hell, how do you think I got 2 of my Panesians?), flipping Flintstones 2 to VGA and then popping it on eBay does nothing to keep the reputation they’ve garnered, not even including the other titles which were not slabbed and sold right away. There’s sidedealing for yourself and then there’s sidedealing to resell. It’s hard not to accuse the Nolan’s off profiteering in this case. While there is nothing wrong with what they did, you really can’t form an argument otherwise and that indeed does look bad on them.

    The people defending them on NA are extremely hypocritical, considering the amount of shit they’ve thrown at phish (*feedback*) for trying to resell the sealed Stadium Events, which is something he at least won at open auction. Overall, I’ve voiced my complaints with NA numerous times so I’ll end it here. I’ll sum it up by saying I don’t have the highest opinion of them.

    • *feedback* is just a joke tho. He cancels auctions before they end, has shill bidders, tried to use the Japan disaster to raise his sales, and now lists the cart at insane prices like $3M. He won it at open auction but is definitely not selling it that way.

      • Which he’s been doing on purpose ever since he read about all the shit he was getting from NA. Since then, he’s been doing it for the lulz, literally.

        When he first put it up, he was doing exactly what the Nolan’s are hoping to do now.

          • Christ, didn’t I just say he was doing stuff like that just to see how you morons would react? And look, you have a whole thread from NA about it where they get bent out of shape. Exactly what he wanted to see.

        • His very first auction was a starting bid of $40k, BIN of $500k, no best offer option. It was a joke from the beginning before anyone knew who the buyer was. He may have won it at open auction, but he has definitely been “circumventing eBay auction rules” on many listings.

          BTW postnoyd some NA people want you back

          • I don’t want to go back. I made that mistake several times already.

            It was convenient last time when I wanted to pawn some stuff and get most of the NES boxes and manuals I needed (both of which I was very happy to do) but now, with no material objective, I’d probably be even more bitter and cranky than I’ve been in the past. And as I’ve learned, unless I track one of these guys down and beat the shit of them, I’m not getting banned so the sky would be the limit for my cynicism.

            Anywho, to the point, no, but the comment is appreciated.

  12. I love how the voice of reason here is a guy that keeps a daily blog regarding his bowel movements. Priceless!

    So let me get this straight, The Bros. bought a sealed video game through a side deal with the intentions of flipping it for a large profit. That’s what these crybabies are complaining about? My God, you guys need to get a life. I say that with a good deal of sincerity.

    These guys have been involved in the collecting community for awhile now and have done some decent things. You don’t have to like/fellate them as they can be “pricks.” They can be abrasive, arrogant, and outspoken, but to get all bent out of shape due to this auction is pathetic honestly.

    I have to assume that most of the hostility stems from the fact that everyone here that has an issue with them also seems to have a deep hatred for NA, but maybe not. It might be the fact that two people they can’t stand appear like they’ll make a buck or two (or $20K). Maybe it’s (e)Penis envy.

    In the end, it really doesn’t matter, which is exactly the point I’m trying to make. Port will still poop and pout, Dark Sol will try and unloaded overpriced sealed games on eBay from Russia, and Dutch will never learn the difference between there/their/they’re. From there The Bros. will sell this game and all will be forgotten. They’ll keep releasing roms and keep rubbing some the wrong way. Looking at my choices, I would go with The Bros. over the others any day of the week. As much as they can be assholes they’ve done enough to make me look past it.

    • Although I’ve always liked the Nolans, this time around, they’ve really stepped all over their reputations. Now they’re getting argumentative and defensive about their chances to sell this title too, to people who have supported them in the past.

  13. they have always been arrogant condescending jerks, almost everyone I’ve ran into on other gaming forums can’t stand them. And I’m personally sick of hearing what they’ve done for the gaming community everything they do is with profit in mind. They buy prototypes ONLY with the intentions of reproing them with a large profit. And I have been around them on enough on NA where I know they are not collectors in the sense that most of us are. They don’t collect store displays, or games for lots of various systems. And the funny thing is even on NA you can tell a lot of people don’t like them but they put up with them because they have no choice. And this whole flnstones thing have showed there tru colors and it’s gaven people a real opportunity to finally call these scum bags out. I agree with a above poster that they are a cancer to the community.

  14. People that try to make money are evil. I find it much more entertaining to do no work at all, sit around on my lazy rear, let people give me free things, and complain when people don’t.

    You all need to get out and get a life 🙂

    • How did a tool kid like qixmaster become a mod? Who’s dick did he have to suck? What’s wrong qix is it hard being a ghetto white boy in the mean streets of Oregon? Is NWA still getting your dick hard touch guy.

      • Jealous much? Mature much?


        “Josh is a mod? Waaaah waaah! But I’m so much cooler!! And my mommy told me I was special!! Josh is a poopyhead poopface. ”
        How did a tool kid like qixmaster become a mod? Who’s dick did he have to suck? What’s wrong qix is it hard being a ghetto white boy in the mean streets of Oregon? Is NWA still getting your dick hard touch guy.

  15. It’s nice to see those douche bags finally found this page. You know it can’t be good for them when they start attacking people’s grammar… The sure sign of “I got nothing”, anyways it’s nice to see they think everyone on here posting is a banned NA member… Well I’m one of the NA members biting my tongue, and I assure you there other users doing the same. These guys can and will say anything they want over there because they have some kind union with the mods and dain. And of course they are trying to be very careful now because a lot of there prototype business is dependent on there rep. So they can say whatever they want or do the typical blaming one person for making multiple user names which is just an easy excuse. But believe me when I say these guys are fake, phony, and as shady as they come. They buy prototypes for one reason alone to make money, if there was no money to be made in this game they wouldn’t be around. You can choose to believe it or not, but I think this was just tear that allowed the fabric to begin to rip. And now everyone sees these guys for what they are. I’m sure at this point they will begin to start doing people favors and acting overlly nice to try and show people they are good guys. But I assure you they are not and hopefully what has transpired opened peoples eyes enough so people won’t forget.

  16. They can be dicks but they can be cool also but I do think they have some kind of “I got picked on in school, now I’m grown up so don’t mess with me thing going on. Because they get very defense and condescending in most of there posts. I mean a while back they started posting all these pictures of themselves at a boxing gym doing the Friday night fights like they were some big tough guys. Most decent size cities in every state that have boxing gyms have the whole train mon through thurs at do Friday night sparring sessions but they acted like they had some championship fights happening, I guess it was to flex there e-penis or something. It was comical to see them puffing there e-chests out yet they looked like they were about 5’9 and weighed 130 pounds like they were Karen carpenter in drag.

  17. Mrs. Anonymity has never been accused of being classy, but I’m sure she’ll make an exception in this case.

    So there we have it friends, it’s time to choose sides! Will it be the greedy pricks that devote their e-lives to flipping, reproducing, and back stabbing? Or will you instead side with the obsessive horde that chooses to run their names through internet mud in hopes that they’ll someday commit e-suicide?

    Poor grammar, multiple usernames, and gorillions of dollars will all change hands in this epic clash of egos! The winner is tbd, but the loser is already apparent: Anyone that’s been following this train wreck from the beginning.

    Tune in next week for the showdown between Bunnyboy and NOA. You can’t make those NWC repros forever my harey friend!

    • What’s with you nolans and grammar? Do you sub for English teachers at short buss schools? Or did daddy slap the shit out of you until you got an A on your spelling test. Is that were all your hostility comes from? Did he beat you so bad he stole your youth in the process?

  18. I have to say the most enjoyable part to all of this is talking to people on the other “collecting sites” and getting the impression that most of them were very happy to see there reps get dragged through the shit covered mud. Of course as far as NA goes there not going anywhere there into deep. But I love how people are not only laughing at the nolans they are laughing at NA. NA has always had a bad rep for to much buddy buddy stuff going on fastest thing that will hurt a site is when the community has like a group of ten friends that will never get called out because they are friends with mods etc… That’s why most people have been biting there tongues there but speaking up elsewhere. I’ve run into too many users that quit posting there because of the way they run things. But it’s all good they have been exposed that’s why they are going into virtual hiding with there f2. There putting it into witness protection until they can find the right family lol. If they were such great guys they shouldn’t have a problem ebaying it, or setting up a auction with a reserve but there greedy and want to squeeze every last dime they can out of the community.

  19. I also looove the fact that on NA they were bringing up that one person is making up multiple user names on here. But I think it’s clear they have created quite a few different user names on here do defend themselves. Hypocrites in there purest form… The Backdooring Nolan boys coming to a shaddy eBay deal near you.

  20. LOL this has been great to watch i don’t know who is what. But I agree NA is a joke and the boys at DP have enjoyed seeing them take one on the chin because of the Nolan’s. There simply to arrogant for there own good and it’s been nice to see them suck on that humble pie LOL.

  21. Guess who found his Gamesniped password? This guy. With the previous 10 posts, probably best if I make it known I’m me. 😛

    Nothing much else to say. Pretty solid comedy gold in the past day or so.

  22. To all you Man-Ginas crying about the Nolan’s, don’t get all pissy because you got PICKED LAST IN GYM CLASS! The game is fake anyways look at Fred Flinstones feet they aren’t big enough! Do you really think he can power a car with the toes they show on the box!

    – One last thing, hey DRrules nobody cares about how much you like to get double penetrated by your boys either than you take one on the chin, please stay on topic and keep you’re prison stories out of the thread, thanks.

    – PortNoyd you really amaze me sticking up for FishWhore!

      • Yet you check NA on a near daily basis.

        David, you’re old. Not video game old, but like “for-real” old. Instead of wasting so many days trolling throughout the internet why don’t you look into Real Estate or something similar? Maybe prepare baked goods for your better half? Ride a bike, or perhaps write a bowel movement inspired novella? Maybe even have children and a family one day?

        Internet beefs are wonderful whether it be with the brothers or NA. Leave it to the college crowd though. They have time to waste. You’re on borrowed time dear friend, and I would hate for you to have to look back at these message board ramblings and have them be your legacy.

        For the brothers, I will leave them with this “Be it a rock or a grain of sand, in water they both sink the same.” All sins are equal in the world of video game collecting. Burn a single bridge and you might as well burn them all.

          • Not your strongest rebuttal David, I was expecting more out of you. I have to think that your shortness is a reflection of your accepting what I’ve stated as truth.

            If you had a child and diapers to change you’d have that much more to blog about. Think of the possibilities David!

            A fecal-themed Etsy storefront is not out the question either. Stitching swirly-loaf hats with the wife would be a much better time dump than whatever it is you think you’re fighting for here.

      • Port,

        You must be getting half of the proceeds to save Japan huh? If you really think I kiss anyones ass on a website or in real life, you really don’t know me too well.

        • I do know that you’re a hypocrite. You come here defending the Nolans and you attack anyone standing up for phish. They both bought an expensive sealed game and they both tried to flip it. The only difference is the Nolans are prominent NA members, phish is not. So how is that not kissing the NA asshole? If I had bought, slabbed and tried to resell that, would you defend me or attack me?

          • well, if your asking me Dave, i’d probably suck your dick. Is that defending, attacking, or defacing? whatever it is… yum!

            as people should know – i do “favors” for just about anything in life.

            and what exactly is the NA asshole, because i have not seen or heard of it? sounds like something I would be into… or around.

          • Hypocrite? You free basing crack rock? FishWhore fronted that piece of shit SE stating he was going to donate proceeds to Japan and encouraged people to bid for a good cause and has listed the game over 20 times easy. I didn’t attack you ya Jive Turkey, I simply said I was shocked over your decision to stick up for FishWhore. The Nolans are nice guys, and I like the repros they put out. I could give a fuck less what they do with the Flintstones. They beat everyone to the punch and are entitled do whatever they want with the game. If you really need to ask me that question you obviously don’t know me dude, I honestly would of said damn nice find. As long as you weren’t donating the proceeds to save Haiti.

  23. In regards to the dicks I had to suck to become a mod. about five. themotherbrain, pauls, aarons, deniz, ngd. dain only wanted a hj, so it was all good. easy as pie.

    jizzmaster- i lol’d it. i will 1up anyone making a play on my name.

  24. David, have you now resorted to throwing around e-challenges and ass kickings? You’ve really jumped the proverbial internet shark my dearest Portnoyd. You were so good at being the eloquent dick until so recently. Your jabs were usually so well formulated and comical. I must say that I’m beyond disappointed.

    I must ask who would be the victim of this potential e-thrashing? Would it be one of the twins for their flipping of VGA graded bile? Would it be Dain for creating a vessel through which video games become more monetary than nostalgic? Maybe Joe for going corporate with the museum? What a suit, ‘am I right?

    Are your fist as sharp and skilled as your mind, or are they best suited for typing out inter-web diatribes? I would guess the later would be more realistic as you’ve never struck me as the athletic type. You do have a room of stuffed animals, and that certainly doesn’t bode well in terms of internet machismo.

  25. How many repros are the backdoor Nolan butt boys paying you to cum here and defend them? I will say one thing about the gaming community it’s one of the biggest passive aggressive, jealous, phony praise hobbys I’ve ever been a part of. I guess because half the hobby is reselling. So everyone is jealous of the others “scores”… Hell I’ve talked to mods on NA alone that don’t like the nolans, yet they continue to put up a phony front. Also seriously thou does anyone even like jizzmaster? The guys a mod on there so of course people will say fake things to him. Can’t tell you how many people on there I’ve pmed with saying they wish Dix would go away and his assholeness turns people away. Dain will learn one day that friends over professionalism is not a way to run a site and just because someone’s a buddy shouldn’t give them a pass to run around and say and act however they want. If random NA user was as condescending as the Nolan “boys” they wouldn’t last a week there.

    So keep buying the nolans flashed sonic carts with prototypes on them and they will continue to laugh all the way to the bank. Most people know they don’t care anything about the gaming community, thus there need to rise up the ranks of the flyweight division. Seriously guys you think a bunch of nerds care that you guys go to the boxing gym on Friday night lmfao hahahaha…

    • my goodness – is that you Pedro? Darksol? Dutch?

      to answer your question.
      they are paying me 5 repros w/o jism.

      my edick is bigger than your edick. where’s the love?

    • If you do that people aren’t going to come and post here anymore, and you will lose site traffic. I mean I’ve always felt free here if you guys start modding posts no reason to come here anymore.

  26. NA is one big click, once you’re in you can do and say whatever you want. But thats what so cool about it, it’s like something you have to work towards for quite a while. But once you’re in, you are like part of an exclusive club then you can noob haze all you want. I will say haven’t been real excited with all the oral sex talk thats been going on in the Flintones thread, I mean I want to be a insider but I don’t want to suck a guys dick. I’m starting to wonder what those campouts are all about? Are they like one big gay suck fest orgy? I’m not sure how serious they are, what’s with the 2 dudes sleeping in the same room starting at each others junk? Yikes…

  27. You don’t like something? Fine.
    You don’t like someone? Fine.

    However, these comments have degenerated into, well, a lot of gay comments and flat out trolling.


  28. Hey you Jive ass turkeys. The Nolan Bros just gaped my asshole hard. Now I want their cum in my mouth. I love NintendogayAge

  29. NA is the most perverted video game forum I have ever visited. Why is it that every remotely interesting thread over there somehow turns into a conversation about oral sex? Its appalling to read at times.

    I wont even get started with the Nolan’s. They are some of the biggest flamers I have ever come across, and a plague to this hobby. It frightens me these people have access to teach school children. If only the parents found out about their so called second life. Oh boy I bet you they would be fired in an instant.

  30. i definitely don’t agree with how they went about selling this item. i don’t understand how they were able to make a deal with the seller and a few weeks later put up a BIN of 50k and state in the description that it is more rare than the nes game that sold for 40k. don’t they have a conscious? shit, at least respect the previous owner and wait a few months before posting the big HAHA I SCREWED YOU ROYALLY ebay listing. and it’s funny, because everybody on NA seemed to have absolutely no problem with their buying/selling approach. it wasn’t until i found this site that i actually learned i wasn’t the only one who thought what they did was absolutely shitty on all accounts.

    and don’t give me the old “you probably buy stuff cheap at goodwills and flea markets” bullshit. this scenario is completely different.

    and there is no way that was the NA tanooki that posted above. how do i know this? because i can actually comprehend what was being said. i loved playing the game “figure out what the hell he was talking about.” it is a shame he was banned because i can’t play this game anymore.

  31. According to people over on NA the game has sold. The inside scoop is that the game sold for a hair over 20k. That’s one hell of a flip!

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