Dealer Lots

Every now and then you find a dealer with insane amounts of unsold stock. Before joining the gS crew, I used to find a ton of them on eBay. Now, everyone just sells it for either a penny on Amazon (even that happens very rarely these days) or just sold to a liquidator which will eventually be sold and distributed through supermarkets, convenient stores, etc. While some are just trying to forget about their loses, other’s just can’t seem to just throw their shit away even if its broken. So they end up on eBay. One mans trash is another mans… trash?

160 Buzz Quiz TV (Game Only) Lot – I would love to get this IF it came with the controllers.

Mega Man 64 Brand New – Not really a lot per se.. but the seller does have a ton of them (kind of) cheap.

99 Red Wiimote and Nunchuck bundles – If these were the real deal (not some Chinese knock-offs), it’s worth a lot more than this..

Broken Stuff

100 Playstation (original) System

60 Broken Xbox Originals

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