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NSTC NES Stadium Events & More Rare Nintendo Games

Stadium Events? Yup. This game was pulled from store shelves, making it without a doubt, the hardest to find licensed, released, game available on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

For more info on the game, read this post I wrote several years ago. The game is worth around $2,000 or so and one just sold this past week privately through a forum with manual for $4,000.

Aution Here


Sealed M.U.S.C.L.E.
Miracle Piano Mac Conversion Kit Complete In Box
Complete Action 52

Recent NES Sales

Complete Donkey Kong Jr.Math – $349.99
Sealed Caltron 6 in 1 – $300.00
Complete PAL FR Megaman 5 – $235.00
Complete Wacky Races – $150.00
Complete Zombie Nation – $149.99
Loose Bubble Bobble Part 2 – $139.91
Panic Resturant w/ Manual – $115.00


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    • Don’t get the NTSC version confused with the PAL versions–many people try to be sneaky and play the PAL versions off as the US version. For whatever reason, the overseas version is A LOT easier to come across.

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize DKJ Math was that rare! I’m glad I picked mine up long ago.

    $349 for a fairly worn copy to. Does anyone know how much a mint copy would sell for?

    Like this…

    • Blackbox games have really taken off valuewise for Sealed and Mint copies. Out of them (other than Stackup and Big Box Gyromite) the two that have really started fetching premiums for the box are CluClu Land and (much moreso) DK Jr. Math. Your copy looks quite nice, and as long as the hangtab in the back is intact you’re looking at a very nice chuck of change. I can’t really quote a price just because I haven’t seen a DK Jr. Math in nice shape in quite some time. A whole different kind of collector comes into the mix with super nice black boxes nowadays, so I think you would be plesantly surprised if you offered it for sale.

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