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Complete Nintendo NES Set For Sale

This auction is amazing. Not only is it a complete set, but the majority of the titles are CIB (complete in box). It also includes a complete Sachen set, PAL Exclusives, Homebrew Releases, Reproductions several Prototypes and lots of hardware.

Listed here is the results of over 10 years of collecting for the NES. It is a complete set of every NES game issued in the U.S. plus a bunch more. The only two titles missing are arguably not needed for a complete set. Not included are Myriad 6 in 1 (a variant of Caltron 6 in 1, which is included), and Nintendo World Championships (an “alternate” version is included in this auction). Every game is as complete as possible with three exceptions. Peek-a-boo Poker and Wacky Races are both missing manuals, and Stadium Events is cart only. Also included in this lot are most of the PAL exclusive games, a complete Sachen set, and some authentic unreleased games. The condition of the games range from fair (only a few) to mint. I am extremely aware of the unlikelihood for this lot to sell at the BIN price, but have a best offer available.

Auction Here


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  1. The guy is shorting himself a fuckton of money by doing it as one lot, especially with everything complete.

    I’m the ballpark as far as completion goes with this guy (would be the same if I didn’t sell some stuff last year) so I am ultra curious to see what he gets for it.

    This is postermen from DP btw. He’s a long time, big collector. Hope he explains why he’s selling, why he’s not parting it out and why his BIN is so low. 😛

    New link:

  2. May have been my fault with the link, should work now.

    Port, did you sell your Sachen set afterwards?

    He mentioned on NA that basically, he dosen’t play it and it’s a big pile of cash sitting there. Plus his game room is now shared with a 15 month daughter’s stuff.

    Sounds much like myself five years ago when I dumped NES.

    • I did, I sold it to someone on NA who has long collected Sachen so it went to a good home.

      Good reason to sell, I’d say.

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