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Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat Unreleased Sega Genesis

Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat is origionally an arcade game which also saw a release on the NES and Amiga. It featured four-player capability, and was similar in gameplay to Super Off Road. Players earned money based on their race finishing positions, which was spent on improving their car. The race season culminated with the Tradewest Speed Bowl, which loosely resembled the Indianapolis 500.

Apparently it was ported to the Sega Genesis, but never saw an official release. Now, the proto has been dumped to create a limited run of 50 copies of the game.

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  1. How does this fare in the eyes of the law exactly? Taking a companies prototype game that was released for other systems, copying it, then selling it with custom packaging/art? Isn’t that piracy?

  2. unless someone who is still involved with the company or the company’s assets that produced this game, there really isnt anything anyone can do to stop it from happening. unless the moral police comes in and change their mind up to stop them.

  3. On one hand, Nintendo hasn’t stopped any of the sites selling stuff like MOTHER for the NES.

    On the other hand, since this was a smaller company, maybe they’d be interested in the potential payday they could get out of this lawsuit.

  4. How much could a company possibly get out of this beyond at best trying to cover its legal fees?

    Imagine crying for the damages of 50 copies….of an unreleased product that never made any money.

    If I owned the IP, at best I would ask for a keepsake copy.

    • Thread over, win right here.

      I’m sure all of this is not legal, but it’s not enforced so we can all get away with it.

  5. Haha, I understand the concept behind the “nobody cares” argument. But I guess I just find it interesting when piracy becomes acceptable for most.

    That being said (and one of the reasons I started the thread), the production itself feels kind of sloppy. SNES/GEN cases, with re-purposed cartridges. The labels don’t look all that well done either – offset and already peeling off? I understand that this is a one-man hobby job, but then what is the point of the unofficial release?

    I guess what I am asking is, would you buy this, and why?

  6. the label doesnt look good. the cover looks like its photocopied at kinkos.. the $50 price tag is really pricey considering all of that.

  7. So they didn’t release the dumped rom as well? That’s too bad. I might have bought it after taking the rom for a spin.

    Most repros have either made the rom available before or at the same time the carts go into production.

    You’re right, $50 is kind of high, but I assume they are sacrificing older Genesis games for the cart, case, and chips to make these. I could be wrong though. So that would add a few bucks to their production costs.

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