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Horror & Boobage Backdrops

Selling on ebay could get a little annoying sometimes. Sometimes you just never know how much attention you’ll get. For me, I take really good pictures and use no stock photos on my listing – works great for me. Some people, well, they get a little creative. Anything from priority mail boxes, to actual advertisement pieces to anything that kind of relates to what their selling. We all know that sex sells and anyone that poses with the item their selling, usually gets the most attention. Anyone remember those two babes that posed for the Rock Band set? Yeah, it was epic.

So here’s two sellers I found that uses what I mentioned above. You don’t get a lot of these everyday so i thought it deserves a mention.

Castlevania like it’s supposed to be listed – directly from the crypt!

When I look for things to post on gS, I pretty much click on anything that looks unusual. Who knows, maybe the publishers use those items to promote the games. But they’re not too creative back the NES and SNES days like they do now. But maybe, just maybe, if you add a little flare to how you display the game might add a little value to it. The seller obviously have Halloween decorations and used it as a backdrop for his Castlevania games. The seller has several other ones but I’m only mentioning 3.

Castlevania Bloodlines for Genesis

Symphony of the Night for PS1 w/ the guide

Dracula X for SNES

Super Mario 2 Mug next to a pair of boobs

Last year, some girl went on ebay to sell her ex-boyfriend’s clothes and made it big by posing with it while having her headlights on.. Her stuff sold for a ton of money while others like it probably sold for a few bucks. Like I mentioned above, sex sells. This listing for a Super Mario 2 Beer Mug doesn’t really have a lot of bids yet but maybe because it hasn’t gained much exposure yet. But maybe thanks to gameSniped, her wild dreams could come true 😛




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    • You recognize her chest? 😛

      Seems unlikely though as the one on eBay lives in FL and the Facebook girl lives in CA.

      Also, the Scully eBay member name refers to Scully on X-Files and the other Skully (with a K) just seems to call herself that for a goth reason perhaps.

      Not that I have a problem with women showing their breasts on the internet. If it were banned, 85% of the internet would disappear, but I guess I feel bad for the saps paying 3x the amount something is worth because they are so desperate or blinded by it.

  1. I love that the seller who posted the castlevania auction with the halloween theme has a feedback score of 666. Very fitting!

  2. I like the Castlevania auctions a lot. I wonder if the girl selling her “ex-boyfriends” stuff is for real or is he still her boyfriend and in on it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t wear used clothing people sweated into.

    There have been many times I’ve been tempted by an old video game shirt or rock band shirt that’s hard to find, but then I think of all the nasty things that person could have done in that shirt. No thanks.

  3. Maybe I should have some girl stand naked next to the contest stuff I won from here a few weeks ago. See how much it sells for. 🙂

  4. at first i believe all the stuff the ex-boyfriend girl sold was legitimately from her ex boyfriend. but then a few months later, she made all these news and got her tits pretty famous that she probably decided to continue on posing with these shirts and pants and what not that she sells. but by then of course she was just buying either new or old clothes.

    there was another girl i read about a little while back that sold primarily worn panties. i believe she was selling them for like $50-$100 each. ebay might have a problem with soiled garments though but hey, she got away with it.

    • The panty thing is just plain disgusting.. unless the woman is a total TEN.. then it’s just slightly disgusting. 😛

      You know they have vending machines in Japan where you can buy dirty underwear right?

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