Embarrassing Deals of the Day

A few friends pointed this out..

Playstation 4 Drawing

I guess this should fall under the “I’ll Do Everything For Charity as long as I get most of the money” category. Here’s a guy selling a drawing of what appears to be a Playstation 4. BUT WAIT! From the description:Â If this auction reaches $1000, I will draw up an extra controller! O_o Please someone redesign the 3DS already!

Mega Man 3DS Case from San Diego Comic Con 2011 – Limited to 200…………….NOT!

Oh Capcom, why do you choose to be hated? Capcom is one of the many companies who prays on the collector by releasing “exclusive” Comic Con items then later on, puts it on the internet for sale or sells it in retail completely. What’s worst is that most of these companies will lie to you about the amount of stuff they say their willing to put out there. Maybe it’s just a mistake, but when you add this supposed-limited edition case on your cart and change the quantity to over 200, it doesn’t seem so limited after all. It’s just bullshit.




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  1. Did you actually try to buy that many? Thats easily explained as a cart system that doesn’t know how many of X are in inventory, or that when they created that item for sale, didn’t block the number of ‘available’ copies to 200.

    Sheesh. Besides, Digital River does Capcom’s online sales and they are much bigger fuckups than Capcom is.

    • i didnt. the last time i did something like that (for a strategy guide – i tried to order more than 50 :), my credit card was put on lockdown for several days then eventually i had to get a new card.

  2. oh lol i guess we helped capcom sell out these cases, it is now sold out 🙂

    either that or they took it down because someone pointed out the *ahem* mistake 🙂

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