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The $13,000 Nintendo DS

I watch Storage Wars. I think it’s a great show. Watch this guy get his “first nintendo ds” the NES-001 get appraised πŸ™‚


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  1. I saw this too. Got a good chuckle from it.

    The guy didn’t pay attention to the fact it was Stadium Events that was the money getter. The little details.

  2. Everything about that show is staged (and depressing) least of all this. Lots of folks in this country, unable to pay their bills, and to document this national tragedy, we have a show where no-account, human trash fight over the opportunity to capitalize on other people’s misfortune. This nintendo bit is funny, but f@ck this show, and everyone involved with it (although, maybe Barry gets a pass).

    • All reality shows are staged.

      How is buying something a storage facility is going to throw away otherwise capitalizing on misfortune? You do know a lot of these units are purposely lapsed so people don’t have to throw their junk (or what they think of as junk) away, right?

    • storage wars and other shows like it are dramatized/re-enactments of things that really happened. even some of pawn stars episodes are as well especially the shows where they get burned.

      if you think storage wars is bad, you should see auction hunters. its probably the worst out of the bunch.

  3. Not looking to debate the merits of reality tv. But I’ve made my views known. Shows such as this, in my opinion, only encourage us to become more greedy and profane, than we already are. If you stop and examine the show, in the context of our modern times ( the great recession, or whatever this is) it’s just a big stinking turd. I’m not saying all tv needs to be masterpiece theater, but this show in particular is a real sad affair. Period. ;(

  4. I recall a virtual boy coming into rick’s pawn shop, as well as an Apple II, which he offered the customer the equivalent value of turning it into fish tank.

  5. I actually bid on lockers and have seen the “cast” several times, all together as well as seperate. The way they act, its not staged at all. Having the public come and bid on the lockers such as myself, would be illegal if it was staged.

  6. I have been in the taping of one of the shows in Encinitas. At the end of the auction they do what they call “library bidding” where they use extras to get better takes. The end price and winning bidder is how it is in the ACTUAL auction, they just add extra people and put in fake bids in between. Those spaces in the storage facility are so small that they couldn’t possibly get every person’s real bid in. I’ve bought about 5 units thus far, and what they don’t show in the show is the fact that the majority of the units are pure junk, but you might come across one that is pretty special if you know your stuff. Clearly the Mark guy or whatever his name was did not lol Sad thing is is that they probably go through the units beforehand and only film when they know there is something really special in there…and the fact that each cast member is getting $20,000 per episode (not a bad gig!)

  7. BTW I have since stopped going to the American Auctioneers auctions (that’s who Dan Dotson is with) cause they are now very crowded and prices have gone up a ton since start of show…there are many others in CA area tho

  8. Ive been to them as well. Ive never stayed after the auctions to see all of that going on, its interesting to know, I will ahve to stay around and check it out next time

  9. you gotta go to one that their actually filming, if you haven’t been already. might end up on tv, if that’s your thing. kinda cool talking to all the guys!

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