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Complete N64 Collection For Sale

This is something I haven’t seen before, a complete collection broken up with every single game listed at one time. The seller has 297 CIB N64 games ending this weekend, all of which started at $0.01. I`m going to enjoy watching these close. Currently Clay Fighter Sculptors Cut is leading the pack at $365.00, followed by Starcraft at $160.02 and Stunt Racer at $142.50. Nothing else has broke $100 yet, but Indiana Jones Infernal Machine, Transformers Beast Wars and Worms Armageddon are all in the $70.00 range.

Check out all the auctions here. Although, I was thinking a complete collection was 296 carts, not sure if I have that wrong or there`s one extra here.


Keith Robinson Autographed Limited Edition Intellivision Thin Ice Print
Playstation 2 Metal Gear Press Kit
Metal Gear Signed Press Kit
Seller also has a lot of other various press kits for sale


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  1. The “extra game” is because he’s selling both the Collector’s Edition and standard versions of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

  2. I still think it’s funny that the reason behind the terrible games being so valuable is because of collectors that are trying to complete a set, and they are also the ones that have to ay these exorbitant prices. 😉

    Otherwise you would see games like Clay Fighter Sculptured Edition selling for a buck.

  3. Damn, completely missed this. I am thinking people selling collections are getting smarter about this. They make a lot more money by selling them single rather than together. Just offer a combined shipping discount and you will still get rid of them all.

    • Agreed. Ultimately, these ended for a combined $8376.35. A lot of stuff sold like this will go for more than it would otherwise, as combined shipping and ease of purchase make buyers willing to spend a little more. International shipping definitely helped with these as well.

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