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Deal of the Day: Mortal Kombat Collector’s Edition 360/PS3

With so many games coming out lately, I feel like we have enough games to last us our entire lifetime. Although some of these games are poorly marketed, like most of Sega’s games lately, most of games that do come out are just lost in the mix of other games that got lost in the mix months or even years ago. Some games, like the recent Mortal Kombat, are lucky enough to have not just one type of SKU, but actually 3 and it’s typically very hard to decide for most people which ones they want to choose. Very rarely do a gamer would buy all 3 releases unless they are a game collector or a die hard fan of the series.


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  1. I saw price drops on Guitar Hero.* and Rock Band coming. They screwed themselves by saturating the market. Especially Activision.. They released Guitar Hero 4, GH Metallica, GH Van Halen, GH Smash Hits, Band Hero all in a very short amount of time.

    Also, if they hadn’t canceled the GH division at Activision we would surely see GH Megadeath, Drum Hero (registered trademarked by them), GH RHCP, and probably GH Bieber Edition.

    • i didnt think Activision would put GH away for good and in fact they are making another one but using a different developer. Yeah they make a ton of money out of Call of Duty, but i dont think that should be the only game they could be making money on each year (besides WOW).

      Rock Band 3 is making a come back this holiday from Mad Catz.

  2. I do have respect for Rock Band 3. At least they added enough new and interesting features to warrant a new disc release. It could use some more bug patches though.

    I really don’t know where they are going to go with RB4. The only thing I wouldn’t mind seeing is the addition of real life avatars like with GH. They could probably make some good money via DLC with them also.

    Then they could probably transfer some of the Beatles tunes over allowing them to show as their Beatles RB avatars. I think that may be one of the problems keeping them from doing that. I don’t think Apple Corps. wants to hear Beatles music being played by a band that looks like it’s composed of King Diamond look-a-likes. πŸ˜›

    Speaking of that.. I think Activision made a big mistake allowing you to perform any song with any rock star.. It was especially apparent with Kurt Kobain singing something like “I’m just a Girl”.

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