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Kirby Mass Attack Ice Cream Truck

I’m glad we made it to Nintendo World Store today to visit this truck. It was parked right outside the store. There weren’t a lot of people testing the game and if they did, they probably gave it a go for about a minute or so. You didn’t even need to play the game to get the free ice cream – they just handed them out to anyone who wanted one. I spoke to the PR lady outside the truck and was told that today would be the last day. Yesterday she mentioned, the truck was parked around Times Square. Enjoy the pictures!


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  1. the truck was a Mister Softee ice cream truck. these trucks go around my neighborhood all the time during summer. its sad that the decal will be wasted after the promotional tour.

    you know, nintendo has a great way of promoting their new games but sometimes, the execution isn’t right. if you want to promote this game to the masses, why not do a full blown week or 2 tour at toys r us or maybe even in front of best buys? if you want this game to appeal to everyone, market it close to a place where they’d buy the game.

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