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Atari 2600 Halloween Proto Homebrew

Homebrew releases keep getting crazier these days – with lights, extensive printed materials and holographic boxes a few things we see recently.

This however,  is by far one of the most unique boxes I’ve seen though. It as it comes with lights AND sounds! A seller on AtariAge is producing two runs of homebrews from prototype versions of the 2600 game  Halloween. Each is limited to thirty and based off a different proto revision. Some of the carts have LED effects like blinking for Michael Myer’s eyes when game is played.

The box is the real treasure though, check out the video below.

More info and ordering at the thread On AtariAge.

(Thanks David!)

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  1. Actually I’ve had that idea for a long time now. One website sells LED’s that flicker like a candle. I was also looking into making holographic labels for cartridges.

    I also had an idea for lenticular printing.. either to make it into boxes or cartridge labels. Lenticular is like those baseball cards you move back and fourth and they flicker two or three images to make it look like it’s in motion. I’m not sure if they’re too thick to use as a cartridge label or not.

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