Bart and the Beanstalk Game Boy CIB

It`s cool that this was just listed, given that I was talking about it with someone a few days ago. The is a brutal CIB for Game Boy collectors and will probably climb in value as more people take interest in collecting for the system. The box completely drives the price of this. In fact, the cart by itself sells for under $20.00 – as low as $3.00. How valuable is it complete? Well, the last one that sold at open auction went for $465.00. From what I understand this was partially due to two collectors who both needed this to complete their set, so that may have driven price somewhat. Still, it`s insanely hard to find and should easily fetch $300+.

Auction Here – $499.00 OBO

(Thanks Dan!)


Kirby`s Adventure Sealed NES Factory Shipping Box – Canadian Version, but a shipping case for $51.00 is nothing to scoff at.
Very Overpriced PAL NES Snowboard Challenge – With a lot of box wear and photocopied manual!


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  1. As an intense game boy CIB collector, I can say that this is a difficult title to find, but definately not the toughest, or top 5 IMO. This game should be more around $100-150, nowhere near $300+ (which is what I know the last couple had sold for). If there were two people dueling it out towards the $500 mark, well, welcome to the world of ebay retarded bidders, who, if they were true and smart collectors, they would snipe and not get in bidding wars.

      • I’m glad a GB collector chimed in to offer his opinion.

        If I had to take a (mostly uneducated guess), I would say:

        – NIV Bible & Lost Levels of Joshua
        – Stop That Roach
        – Fish Dude
        – Amazing Tater
        – Total Carnage

        All of those are up there but I am not totally sure they would comprise the top 5, other than NIV bible.

  2. when youre dealing with collectors who are dying to get their hands on a game, its almost certain the price will go up. of course you cant rule out shill bidders πŸ™‚

    im still trying to figure out why starcraft 64 sold for $202 when just over 2 months before that sale, a copy sold for $34. but theres no complete copies left on ebay – its probably why the price had gone up. i know i’d take advantage of that shit when i see it.

    • That $202 copy was part of a full collection sale. When a full set is up at once for anything, you will have a mob mentality kick in where prices will be significantly higher for no good reason. Maybe because people are willing to spend more because they can get more at once? I guess?

      See also: the beavis7474 auctions. Kid Niki complete for $45? lololol.

      • i can definitely concur. but there are instances where you have the only one offering the item. i take full advantage of those situation and have made a ton of money doing so. my secret is revealed!

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