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A dude walks in to a walmart with a Madden itch

This ballsy dude came to a Walmart in Florida and was caught on video hiding the games in his purse (thats what it looks like to me – maybe its a picnic basket? not sure). The police only released this video although the report says that the suspect went into the hardware section and pried open all the madden 2012 game cases to take just the disc and leave the case that has a security sensor in it. He stole 54 copies of the game! It’s crazy to think that Walmart did nothing to prevent it while the crime was being held in the store. But what do you do, loss prevention needs a break. I used to work in retail store, i know how it works.

This guy will get caught. It’s hard to let go of those games one by one, so he’s gotta unload it all at once. It’s only a matter of time until hes caught. So.. What do you think this guy will do?

a) Sell all of it to a gamestop

b) Sell it to a pawnshop

c) Sell it on Amazon or Ebay

d) Send it to VGA for grading, then sell it.

e) All of the above

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  1. 54 follies of madden with no box? Gamestop Will only take 2 or 3 of the same game at a time once per day. After 2 or 3 days of this guy trying to trade in 2 or 3 games a day gamestop will get curious. He does also have the option of craigslist. I don’t think he is smart enough to use ebay or amazon. I really despise people like this, this is why games course 60 dollars. I just hope he suffers the madden curse brakes something karma is a bitch.

  2. I think he’s going to unload them in the hood. Either a fleamarket (oh sorry they call them swap meets in the hood) or to friends who won’t rat him out.

    I knew a few people back in the NES days.. they’d get 5 or 6 people who wanted to buy a game.. say Tecmo Superbowl. They’d all chip in $10 and a Super Mario Cart. They’d swap out the carts and exchange the game saying it doesn’t work. So, 5 people would get Tecmo Superbowl in a Super Mario case and 1 would get in a Tecmo case.

  3. last year during the Zumba Fitness craze for the Wii, I went to Walmart and grabbed every single copy of them – there must have been 15 or 20. Walmart had one of the best prices in shipping boxes, so i went to look for the x4 for $2 boxes (.50 cents each = win!) that i always buy.

    anyways, long story short, these 2 guys started following me around the store and every now and then passing the aisle looking at what i had in the cart. i was gonna buy some food but i just ended up going straight to registers. i was a bit uncomfortable but then again its their job to do something like that.

    when i worked in retail, we did sort of the same thing. we had to made sure those guys feel that they’re being watched so they wouldn’t take anything.

    • Back when I managed a Babbage’s in the 90’s I had an idiot buy 2 3DFX gfx cards $600 and return them (The same day no less) for a full cash refund. The problem is he kept the cards and in it’s place were 2 28.8 modems.

      I told him to wait at the counter while I grabbed a refund slip from the back room.. While back there I called mall security. They were only around the corner so they showed up right away. The second he saw them come into the store he bolted!

      It was a great feeling to see him run away scared and his $600 purchase helped our store have a good week too. 🙂

      I still have his 28.8 modems too. I just couldn’t throw them out.

  4. So, what did you do with all those Zumba Fitness? I don’t know where you live, but Walmart here in NJ does not let you out of electronics with anything. You have to pay for it there and are not allowed to walk around the store. Same with Toys R Us.

  5. The sad part of this story is that by the time this guy brought them to a Game Stop they only gave him 50 cents per disc…. Trade-In Credit.. 🙁 BOOM…FAIL!

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