Gears of War 3 Gold Lancer

I posted about the Lancer for Gears 2 a little while back. They’ve released another Lancer for Gears of War 3 which was exclusive to GameStop this time around. In the U.K. though, they get the flash Gold Lancer which was priced at about $110 (69.99 GBP). These Lancers have been selling for twice or more on eBay UK. The previous Gold Lancer by NECA recently sold here for $485. I believe one of the reasons why the UK received the Gold replicas is because of the country’s law against realistic looking guns. It worked quite well on both sides anyways as UK gamer’s do not mind at all since it is relevant to the game.

Sold for $234

Sold for $195

Here’s a few auction listings and BINs.

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