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Pokemon Celebi Cartridge NFR

One of Nintendo’s successful campaigns to draw attention to new and upcoming Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS was to promote a downloadable character(s). I saw the success of this campaign first hard when my children was drawn to the characters GameStop offered before Pokemon Black & White came out. Of course, this isn’t the first time Nintendo had done a free downloadable character. Earlier versions of Pokemon for the DS also had similar promotions.

A seller on eBay has a few of the Celebi cartridges. These NFR’s would have been used at a GameStop to help promote Pokemon Black and White by letting everyone download a character Pokemon named Celebi. From February 21st through Marc 6th of this year, fans of the series was allowed to download the character if they have one of the previous Pokemon games for the DS. GameStop has few hundred of stores in the U.S. so I dont think this will be the last time we’ll see this cartridge. In fact, the seller has several more listed that has a price that will sticker shock you.

Update: The seller posted under the comments of this post.


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  1. The article seems weird in it’s writing. The cart is standalone. There are Two auctions – one for the Cart by it’s self and one where he offers the Celebi cart and a whole bunch of other NFR carts along with it, calling it the rest of his collection.

    He already sold a lot for $410 and he has another Identical lot up now.

    There is also a CELEBI DISTRIBUTION cart auction which is by itself and don’t come with other NFR demo carts listed in the LOT AUCTON. If you check his completed auctions he has sold a few of these to other buyer for $200-250 or so.

    I am going to assume he has multiples of a lot of the carts as he is selling the same exact lot over again and he has really good feedback and lots of recent sales, so I don’t think it is a scam.

  2. the seller is probably a gamestop employee since he had multiple cartridges.

    theres a guy on ebay that sells a lot of misc. stuff including NFR cartridges and he has a ton of them. the same thing with this seller, once the cartridge is sold, they relist it. this is same dude who sold 3-4 nfr picross cartridges on one lot. have to look on terapeak to find out who he is but i think hes one of the people who still has demo carts for sale and never seems to run out.

  3. Wow very cool. I have been visiting this site form quite a long time. I find it funny, coincidental, and ironic to see this story. I bought three demo carts from this seller like 6 days ago. When I made my purchase he had way more Pokemon carts for sale. I bought legendary, celebi and secret egg. He only had the first two on ebay. I made a fair best offer for both and he accepted it. He sent me a message he had a whole photoalbum of other carts not yet listed and that is how I saw secret egg distribution cart. I asked him how much and we agreed on a price, which was inbetween the two already purchased. He sent me an ebay invoice for the two I bought and tacked on the extra for the egg cart in the other additional charges part if the ebay invoice. I paid and my carts got the carts perfectly packed 3 days later. Props to this guy he has some rare stuff and he negotiated without hassle.

  4. Just send him an ebay message. He messaged me back quickly. Its was a photobucket album. Honestly, I deleted the ebay message or I would just link u from here. But from what I remember every cart he listed in the auction lot of the 11 carts was there. There might have been a few more but I see he sold like 10 carts already. If he sent every winner the same message as me I am sure I am not the only one to take him up on his offer for a cart in his album not listed on ebay. Also I don’t think he is a gamestop employee as these carts are limited 1 per store he would have to have taken one from every store in his district. Perhaps he is a district manager or a cart collector. I don’t see a manager or regular employee having access to that many of the same cart. Also if you filter his feedback in layers of 200 you will see he had cart sales in 2010 2009 2008 as well many of the same ebayers have been buying from him over the years. Same buyers and he also has multiples of the same cart in years previous. Im unsure what to think.

  5. Yes I submitted my own auction to you guys, which you say is ENCOURAGED.

    TO be honest I have been logging in daily hoping I would get featured and I find not only am I featured but I have an audience. THANK YOU – SO glad my submission was read and posted. I appreciate the back story for my auction, I didn’t even want to add that info when I submitted it.

    Phear3d – Here is the album of what I have left – I do have multiples of MANY CARTS.

    Reggie – thanks for the kind words, small world finding you commenting here, but funny thing is I saw a few comments by KUTORI (in other stories) and I am sure it’s not a coincidence he buys from me too, so that is two gamesniped people here.

    I’ll be honest I forgot about gamesniped for awhile, I used to hope to get featured all the time back in 2008/9 or so and hoping to one day find a resident evil 1.5 demo to buy, but recently after having beers with a good friend he reminded me of some of the cool stuff he has seen on here lately and we talked about it at Buffalo WW over beers and wings. I am glad you encourage eBay seller to submit cool video game stuff and help us ramp up our auctions and get the viewers to notice what is listed.

    I am not a gamestop employee of any sort nor have I ever been. Put that to rest. Just a hard core collector, eBayer, Craigslist buyer and lots of friends all over the game industry i get luck with a lot.

    I have 3 Celebi carts left. One I bundled with all the other carts I have left in my collection. I also am selling these celebi carts solo – I am a fair guy so best offers are considered.

    Not looking for a sob story or anyone to feel bad, I always bought and sold my cool video game stuff and my eBay feedback shows that, but this economy sucks and to be honest I am going to be dumping a lot of my personal stuff, with new twins (6 months ago) and the wife needing a new car and me being 40+ now – I think it is time to let a lot of this go and surprise the wife with a new car.

    In the coming weeks I plan on listing my N64, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD and Xbox 1 games. I have a factory sealed Steel battalion I am listing. I also have some other cool video game stuff I will be listing, I have Xbox training manuals and other rare weird stuff. I will submit each auction to you guys as I list it (only the rare or unique stuff) I am not looking for my FF2 or FF3 snes carts to be featured – there pretty common and used. Don’t get me wrong I am still a collector and a gamer, I will be holding on to a lot of great stuff. I will never sell my Mame Cabinet, my Xbox 360 or PS3 stuff (too new for now) even my Xbox 1 stuff I am on the fence with, but my NES-Gamecube stuff is getting to a point where I just need to let it go.

    GAMESNIPED – thank you for the feature.

    • no problem. i actually found your listing while browsing the sold video game listings.

      you need to change the photo of the lot you have that includes the celebi cart. it looks like the same listing as the other. i sell on ebay and i do it for a living, when people see that they immediately thought its just one cartridge.

  6. Phear3d – thanks for your feedback. I figured with the individual pics in the LOT auction should be enough to understand it is 11 different carts. I figured the TITLE of the auction along with a pic of the just the Top valued cart would be enough. The auction for the celebi cart by itself and lot are very different in price and in wording even in title. My subtitle and main title are pretty different to make it stand out as a LOT.

    With 4 offers already and a lot of counter offers flying around It is too late to do a GROUP PIC for the main auction pic, eBay won’t let me change it but I will do that in the future.


  7. The Lot of 11 carts is sold.

    I decided to list one more but with only 8 carts now. 3 of the carts in the last lot are GONE and I have no more.

    Thanks again game sniped for the attention.

  8. It’s really not as high as you think. All the distribution carts usually sell from 200-400 each on their own, especially the super rare ones. Most Download stations and other demo carts sell from $20-50 on their own. so $450 for 11 carts breaks down to $41 each – and with a distribution in that lot – it breaks down to a lot less. Say $200 for the distribution that is only $25 a cart for the other 10.

    I only have 8 carts in the next lot with CELEBI cart and the two best offers that were sent last auction will get first show as I will entertain their original offers minus a few bucks as this lot is only 7 cat’s instead of 10 + the distribution.

    Most people are after the Distro cart, and I do have one for auction by it’s self once I go through these last few Distribution carts they will be gone.

  9. Ah how distribution cart prices became what Stadium Events prices are now because 1 person sold 1 for over a hundred dollars and now people that sell them feel the need to price them at much more than they are really worth.

    • Well Certain carts are only made in quantities under a few thousand (distributions that are aimed at certain retailers are barely produced beyond the number of retailers exist).

      Once the promotion is over the carts get collected, returned and destroyed by the Pokemon company / Nintendo.

      So for Pokemon collectors or just NDS Demo / promo cart collectors it is somewhat of a prize to have these in their collection. I personally have to pull a lot of strings to get my hands on carts and I pay through the nose for them.

      I will agree I was surprised at what they sell for when they first hit the collection circle. These days they really are not badly priced. If you only 20 or 30 carts floating around $200-500 dollars a cart is not that bad especially for carts that are ultra rare. WHen TOYS R US gets a promotional distribution cart there are only a few hundred made and with Toys R Us having 1/10 the amount of store that’s gamestop has, even one getting out to the general public makes it sought after.

      Stadium events is a $10K cart – Pokemon distributions are nowhere near that. A few hundred dollars is not a big deal.

      Standard Retail Demo carts usually sell for 50-100 each as they are usually in EVERY RETAILER – so there are 10K carts made and while a bulk of them collected and returned – 100’s do get out to the collectors. So their pricing is usually not that bad.

      While I set my BIN high – which some people do pay, I am a fair guy and if you check my completed auctions you will see I accept very fair offers.

  10. I’ve bought from catv246 on ebay a few times, including some of these Pokemon Distribution carts. He’s fair with his prices, takes offers and everything is legit. Pokemon Distributions are rare, but the general prices he’s quoting are high. Most of the older retail demos are lucky to hit 50. The later ones are 50-100. Same w/ the Download carts. Later ones could run 50-100, early ones 20-40.

    • I think you just re-iterated what I said. I wasn’t generalizing for every demo cart ever. Carts over a year old do usually only go from $20-50. But I believe you agree the newer Demo carts do start around $50 and can go as high as $100 (within the first 2-5 months) with the exception of Distribution carts, Zelda demo carts and lastly RPG demo carts (which are rare but do happen).

      I have seen the Zelda E3 video cart go for as high as $1500 and I have seen spirit tracks demo cart sell for as high as $300-400. I personally sold a Spirit Tracks with the Kiosk it was in (just a standard DS in a wall mounted unit that lit up and said Nintendo DS for $400 Exactly one year ago.

      Lastly when giving such a huge price estimate gap as I did above – I am not saying that they normally will always end that high but I have seen flukes and one offs go that high. For example, I said most distributions will sell for $200-500 each. While I mostly get $200-250 a cart, I have seen some, once in a blue moon, end in the high end of that price range, though it is rare. Usually brand new distributions to hit eBay first will fetch the most. After that it is all downhill.

      Thanks again for the kind words – you would be buyer number 3 from this site. Small world.

  11. Well – eBay pulled the auction. VERO.

    Still have two carts left for sale if anyone wants them – email me or let me know I will be glad to make you a private auction.

    I can’t stand NFR auctions getting pulled. I bought these carts there is not EULA or Agreement, can’t stand that NOA has the power to pull auctions cause they say so.

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