Nintendo World Championships 1990 Cart

Today we have a “so called-holy grail”, a very nice NWC. The seller has 0 feedbacks but says he’s the original Atlanta winner. Check the Nintendo World Championships 1990 auction!

Other items worth mentioning:
PS2 Debugger TEST unit
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose SNES SAMPLE
Panasonic M2 3DO FZ-35S
Super Famicom Yoshi Cookies Mario National – Oven Version

OT: did I tell you I’ve just published my first music video? 100% handmade 100% dance-techno-electro trash

5 Responses to “Nintendo World Championships 1990 Cart”

  1. I have seen the M2 sold a ton of times. I also remember reading about the M2 and was so hoping it would come out. I remember the next generation article where they showed off D2, some racing game, and a RPG and the grafx were amazing for the time.

    Does anyone know what software is available for these M2 units? I would be interested in buying one and perhaps playing anything available for it.

    Would also be cool if there was a DEV KIT out there and people could make software for it. I know thats asking alot..

  2. I doubt that Tiny Toons game is a prototype. If it had eproms on it, I doubt it would fit in a standard cart. Probably a Majesco re-release by the looks of it, with a fake label.

  3. What happened to the NWC?

  4. yeah wtf? i know his birth certificate isn’t included in the listing, but ebay with its fucked up common sense probably deleted the listing because it shows someones birth certificate.

  5. Haha yea probably.. ugh oh eBay..

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