Killer Instinct Leather Jacker

This auction makes me sad. Who goes through the effort of making a five minute video for a Killer Instinct Leather Jacket and DOSEN’T SHOW SOMEONE WEARING IT. Sadness.

Auction Here


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  1. Wow, First Leather company…

    I had the Exact same jacket back in 1988 or so. It was a leather biker jacket from First Leather. I bought mine from a Flea Market for about $150 or so. I remember you could get these jackets Embroidered with whatever you want. And there was a embroider person and machine in a booth down the hall from the leather shop but even a one color logo on the front pocket was $100 back in the day – so only the posers with money would have logos and such embroidered on their jackets, the rest of us bought patches and sewed them (or our moms’ with sewing machines) on for us.

    I would like to know if this Killer Instinct Logo was officially licensed to be embroidered on the jacket or if it was done after market? Usually most game companys use unknown companies to make promo items like this, and many of the company labels on these items are unknowns, some of really cheap quality and some of AWESOME quality. I have a few game jackets – I want to sell my Xbox Letterman jacket as I outgrew it since 2001 and it’s been in my closet for Years, but I do have an XBOX 360 jap bike leather biker jacket (Japanese style jacket) With the 360 embroidered on it and it fits great I will never give it up. It is quality. Got it direct from the marketing director Microsoft when I did some contract work for them.

  2. Hello catv246,

    I can speak to your question for I am the Ebay Auctioneer of this item.

    This jacket was a promotional item directly from the Marketing /PR department of the game company back in the day. (Just like your XBOX 360 jacket.)

    This was not done by me, at a flea market, aftermarket or anything like that.

    This jacket is from the personal collection of a well known Writer in the video game space who was sent many such awesome pieces as part of the PR for games such as Killer Instinct.

    Ultimately, this jacket was gifted to me, when I got my first motorcycle many years ago (A black/red Kawasaki Ninja which matched this jacket perfectly!)

    This is a very high quality item.

    When the video was made to promote it on Ebay, I was by myself and didn’t even think to have someone wearing it… DOH!!!

    Makes me sad that I didn’t think of that!

    Thank you for posting this auction. You guys rock.

    To whoever wins this Nintendo Killer Instinct Motorcycle jacket auction — can you please shoot a little video of your bad self wearing it and send it to the good people at They could use some cheering up over my video.

    Happy Bidding everyone!

    Ebay Item#: 180732294192
    Badass Nintendo “Killer Instinct” Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Men’s Women’s

    Short URL:

  3. That’s cool. – I was just wondering, and sharing my stories of biker jackets when I was a kid..LOL. I just never saw a main stream company used before – I guess if you go back far enough with promo items, I guess there weren’t enough companies doing promo stuff and they had to seek out mainstream companies to supply things like jackets and such to make their one of a kind stuff for them.

    I watched the video and I saw the Nintendo logo that is leather pressed into the front. That gives it a lot more authenticity. Very cool.

    Good luck with the auction – MY guess is about $200+ but wouldn’t be surprised to see 4 or 5 either….

    One last thing – can you revise the auction to give buyers an Idea of who might fit in this.. Smaller men don;t help. I am only 63 1/2 inches but about 170 lbs. I wear Medium or Large on a jacket. MY Xbox360 Jacket is a LArge, My Letterman Jacket which I am about 15 lbs too big for now is a Medium. Just to give people an Idea… I am not buying or bidding but might get you more bids if people are more sure on the size.

  4. Hey Catv246,

    Thanks for writing again! Great stuff!

    A note on the sizing…(Great suggestion!)

    I just took a piece of string, wrapped it around my upper chest (under my armpits) and measured my chest. (Then took the string to a tape measure to see the measurement.)

    It measures 35.5 inches.

    The jacket is labeled a man’s size 38.

    I find the jacket fits me, but is on the tighter side (even without the liner).

    That being said, the jacket has only been worn a handful of times and is still very, very stiff. Broken in, I’m sure it would be very, very comfortable, but I tried to keep it like new.

    SO…a man (or woman) with a 34-38″ chest would be fine for this jacket. I have wider shoulders than what would be most normal for my overallsize, so a person with a slim frame with a 34″-38″ chest would be perfect.

    I would consider this jacket a small to medium size…but I am no expert on clothes or sizing.

    Nearly any petite female, smaller teen or thin framed man that can wear a Men’s Small to Medium would fit in this fine.

    I truly hope this helps!

    Thankyou for your insight and passion!

    Ebay Item#: 180732294192
    Badass Nintendo “Killer Instinct” Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Men’s Women’s

    Short URL:

  5. this jacket is awesome. imagine someone on a harley with this jacket, LOL! that or an anamanaguchi concert.

    but yeah, ebay 101: model the jacket to peak more interest!

  6. phear3d — I think this jacket is awesome too…I’m hoping someone that really loves it wins the auction. Not sure of the best ways to reach Killer Instinct fanatics. Any ideas?

    As for the model…I put an ad on Craigslist to hire a model just for this..Hopefully something will come through!

    Blonde or Brunette?
    Asian or no?

    Jurai — I honestly don’t know about that. This jacket came to me via a Journalist in the game industry — as a gift when I got my first bike. He gets all sorts of awesome stuff direcly from the PR / Marketing departments from the companies.

    Thanks all for comments!

    Happy Bidding..!

    Short URL to Ebay Auction:

    I have one other Video Game related Lambskin jacket…

    Ebay Item#: 180733134987

    Short URL:

  7. Mark – thanks for posting. I like it when we post something here on the blog then the seller comes in and answers all the questions. Its a great thing.

    you dont necessarily need to hire someone to model the jack for you. what we mean by modeling the jacket is to wear it and model it for the picture then add those to the listing. theres many advantages to modeling it as suppose to just taking a picture or a video of the item (people can judge how the jacket is fitted, etc).

    as a leather jacket, id say its worth about $100 as ive seen first leather jackets go for as much as that sometimes a little more depending on condition. who knows how much this will bring since it is a promotional item.

  8. Hey Phear3d –

    I not put anything quite like this
    online before — I’m glad to answer your questions and happy to see people’s interest.

    Honestly, it is really exciting to see people Twittering about it and sending it
    around on Facebook and blogging about it.

    I’m in total awe of how this whole viral internet thing goes. I’m not even on Facebook or Twitter yet.

    I’m a little camera shy which is why my pic isn’t in it…feel silly putting my picture in the auction, so I’m stll going to find someone who wants to be in it and post it!

    Thank you for the enthusiasm and passion phear3d and all!

    If you can think of any other people that would be excited about this auction, it’d be awesome if you’d let them know. I’m still figuring out how to do that.

    Thank you Link at


  9. You don’t need to show a face to model the jacket – if you have someone who fits it well (Preferably a guy – it’s a guys jacket) then have them wear it and cut their head off if they are ugly..LOL.

    You can also look up your local hells angels and see where they hang out, go down to a bar or bike lineup somewhere and find a biker who fits it and ask him to put it on and take some pics for a promotion online. You could also place the an ad on Craigslist – looking for quintessential biker to take a few pics wearing a vintage biker jacket, no pay, will come to you, 15 minutes of internet fame. Lastly if you want a hot chick to wear it for a pictures and modeling, just head down to the local HS at 3pm (this last paragraph was both serious and joking around at the same time)

  10. Thank you catv246.
    You are absolutely right!

    Just been distracted with a lot on the plate, I guess.

    Auction is up to 2200+ views and it has only been up a few days.

    I hope it keeps going.

    I wonder if “Pending Snipes” show up as part of the “Watches” statistics in Ebay?

    I’ve seen forums that say Yes and others that say absolutely not.

    Thanks again all.


    Ebay Item#: 180732294192
    Badass Nintendo “Killer Instinct” Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Men’s Women’s

    Short URL:

  11. Hell that’s a good one here! And it fits me perfectly! haha
    but i am pretty sure it will be expensive and out of my price range. Too bad as i am a big KI fan and also a jacket collector.
    Speaking about it: too sad it’s actually a FIRST jacket. FIRST was a good and is still a good company. But they lacked “details” and made mostly very basic jackets.

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