Wii RVT-R Development System & Nintendo Sega Triforce Motherboard

The Wii RVT-H Wireless Reader is debugging solution for Wii development. It is a more expensive option than the lower cost RVT-R system which uses write once optical discs. Instead, the RVT-H has an internal hard drive that allows disc images to be uploaded to it and debugged instantly. The Wii debug hardware also follows the Nintendo tradition of Red (RVT-H) and Green (RVT-R) started on the Gamecube. Within the past couple of months one of these sold for around $300.00.

The same seller also has a Nintendo Triforce Motherboard. The Triforce was a venture between Sega, Namco and Nintendo to produce a low cost arcade system which at the core was based off of the Gamecube. One difference is that a different IPL is installed. The IPL is essentially the Gamecube bios. The games themselves run off of a Sega GD-Rom drive. Several versions exit, including a custom Namco version which only accepts custom NAND Flash based cartridges. There were only a handful of games for the system, including a unreleased Starfox game which was shown at E3 and looked epic.

Lastly, they also have a Psygnosis PSY-Q CD-ROM Card for sale. I think these are compatible with both the Playstation and Saturn versions of the Psy-Q Development equipment.

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