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1992 Sega Employee Watch

A seller has listed a pretty awesome looking watch that was made available exclusively to Sega employees back in 1992. Back in April, Sega sold one of these themselves (which was donated by an employee) with all the proceeds going to Charity (American Red Cross) in support of earthquake and tsunami relief. When Sega sold theirs, the final price was a whopping $820.0. Now I`m guessing the charity aspect boosted the price a little, but by how much? Now we`ll see.

Auction Here


Pokemon Distribution Cart Celebi Nintendo DS NFR – These are coming out of the woodwork. $240 OBO, Feedback is a little low, photo could easily be stock.
Pokemon Distribution Cart Celebi Nintendo DS NFR – Pretty much the exact same thing as above except $9.99 more at BIN.
Seller has several shirts from PAX – Sold by one of our readers, highlight (imho) is the awesome NCR Fallout New Vegas tee.
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes VGA Gold 90 – Makes me sad to see this at $200. Has a promo Napster sticker though.
NES Rodland PAL Exclusive – Only released in Italy and Spain.
500+ CIB NES Game Lot with huge BIN – Sold to finance a wedding. Sadness.


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  1. That guy is shorting himself some nice dough by not listing each game individually (esp. since he’ll never get close to the $14k).

  2. I am not sure if or just some random eBay user who reads this site contacted me to let me know my auction was featured here.

    Either way, Thank you.

    Gamesniped I think you missed the fact that with the BIN I am offering 4 other NFR Demo carts along with the distribution. I am open to best offers for just the cart, but I figured offering some other NFR demo carts I don’t need might sweeten the deal.

    The pictures are not stock, I took them myself on my wifes bed sheets, can’t you see the flowers 🙂 ?

    Yes my feedback is a bit low as I have not been much of a seller, but after searching completed listing and seeing how saughtafter these distributions are, I figured I would try to sell mine. I think my feedback shows that I have sold some high priced items with no issues.

    Thanks again for the feature

  3. Def true port. Dosen`t show any offers when I looked earlier, surprise no resellers have lowballed yet.

    Thanks for the post and clarification NFR guy!

    Also, I spoke to a friend of mine who owns a watch repair shop in regards to the watch not working. His opinion:

    Have to see the movement. Might just be a battery, but more than likely needs work. Probably cost between 50 – 70 to fix.

    Still, not a big deal if you are willing to drop like 800 on a watch.

  4. Thanks Gamesniped 100 views in one day.
    Already SOld for the Buy it now price.

    I have another listed if anyone is interested.


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